Wednesday, June 01, 2011


...and the living is easy (not that easy, but pretty easy).

How is it the first day of June already? This summer is already ram-jammed. It's gotten to the point where I can almost hear the ominous sound of my over-commiting us. As of right now - last weekend of July (Canada Day weekend) we're hanging in Markham, 3rd weekend in July we're heading to Cleveland, first two weeks of August we're cottaging, and then the weekend after that we're heading to R&R Acres. Phew! Add to that: Tuesday night class for the rest of the month, Wednesday night dodgeball for the next 3 weeks, Friday night softball for the rest of the summer and I don't know how we'll have time to do stuff like go to the Farmer's Market, go to the splash pad, picnic, play bocce and frisbee and all the other fun fun summertime things we love to do. So...I just did a count - that only leaves us with SEVEN free weekends this summer. OY!!!

We're headed off to Geneseo for an extra-extra long weekend. Wahoo! We're picking up our Chariot and also visiting with the best people in the whole U.S.of A. So excited!

I applied for another job yesterday. One for which I am grossly unqualified, but it'd be interesting to just check the place out if I get an interview (which I won't, because of the aforementioned gross underqualification.)

Here are the last two night's of dinners. The oyako don (2nd photo) was sooooooo good! I'll post the recipe upon my return...can't say enough good things about it - so simple and dusted with togarashi to kick it up, it's the bomb.

Expect a slew of photos of babies, golfing, the drive-in, food, and happiness upon my return!


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