Monday, June 06, 2011

Early Retirement

We figured out why we love Geneseo so's like a window into our retired life. Waking up early, eating breakfast with all the other grey hairs, tooting around with no fixed agenda, going to little league games, playing early rounds of golf. Sounds enticing, doesn't it?
Our weekend started on Wednesday evening with a grueling rush hour ride (seriously, how does leaving the city at four still guarantee rush hour???) and a Big Yam who was living up to his innate Zen baby attributes (seriously, how is this kid so chill and relaxed, considering how highly strung I am? Further proof that they swapped babies on us) and being very cool with sitting in a sweltering car with the sun beating down on his chubby arm in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the QEW. We stopped en route for a dinner at Bob Evans. I've eaten at Jimmy Dean's and Friendly's, but never at Bob Evans. Guys, it was THE BOMB. I got the country fried steak dinner which came with massive biscuits (which were a hit with the Boobla, considering this is the biggest, most concentrated hit of refined flour he's ever experienced in his life) and two sides of my choosing. The mac'n'cheese was topped with garlicky breadcrumbs for crunch and the celery and onion stuffing was as good as any I've ever had on Thanksgiving. I love restaurants like these because you can stuffing as a side all year round. Which is 2 legit.

Thursday we bummed around hung out and then got takeout from Questa Lasagna for dinner...a restaurant from a CIA (Culinary Institute of America) grad that focuses on lasagnas, a few pastas, a few paninis, and big salads. We got a sampling of the beef, chicken alfredo, Greek, and seafood lasagna. They were all delicious. I got us a chocolate pudding pie from Wegman's for dessert:

Friday morning we played the front 9 at our favorite golf course, the Old Hickory in Livonia, where 2 people golfing with a cart and club rentals costs $40. You read that right: $40. They were also the nicest golf clubs the Dotytron has ever played with. LOL! We only made it 8 holes because we got hungry, the Big Yam was getting a little fidgety from being in his carseat on the floor of a golf cart for 2+ hours, and we had already lost 5 balls hacking away (in our defense, this was our first game after an almost 2 year hiatus) we went to Brian's USA Diner and filled up on the Belt Buster breakfast:

That night we went to watch Miss Ramona's little league game and ate subs from Aunt Cookie's Sub Shoppe:

Saturday we loafed around some more and watched Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, which is based on a super-popular Scholastic book series. The trailer for this film was a source of much hilarity for the Goosetang Clan when it came out, propelled by the super-dramatic shots of owls endlessly fretting about the "guardians" to an over-dramatic 30 Seconds to Mars soundtrack. I'm going to try to be fair. Pros: the computer animation of the owls is really top-notch. Cons (this list is going to be long, so maybe I'm not being fair):

1) They try to make this an underdog/quest movie, but moments of dramatic tension are cut short so you never feel that the hero struggles. One minute the owl crew is being told that "when you've flown as far as you can, you're halfway there!" and then literally in the next instant, they've arrived at Ga'Hoole-dom. Any proper quest story spends a lot of time on the actual JOURNEY to the destination, where the rag-tag crew is tested to the point of fracturing, only to be rewarded with what they seek when they come together again. This didn't happen, which made the search lose a lot of its potency.

2) Major con: the owls all speak with British/Aussie accents, and well - we know how I feel about the British and Australians

3) There's a lot of owl-specific humour that is lost on a non-owl audience.

This is the Big Yam as an an owl of Ga'Hoole, by way of his cousin, Miss Ramona:

FYI: the real owls of Ga'Hoole are way angstier than that.

On Sunday we went to a pancake breakfast to benefit the Historical Aircraft Group Museum in the county. For $6, we got pancakes, eggs, sausage, juice. FOR SIX DOLLARS. IT WAS ALL YOU CAN EAT. THIS WAS A FUNDRAISING VENTURE. WTF?!??? America, you are beautiful indeed.

This old guy broke my heart. I first saw him two years ago at the mall in Geneseo, sitting at a table, selling his self-published memoir, One Foot on the Ground: A Pilot's Memoirs of Aviators and Aviation. It broke my heart and I talked to him for a bit. I saw him set up at the Museum and I declared, "if the book is less than $20, I'm buying it" and I went up and struck up conversation with him and he was so freakin' cute that even if the book had cost FORTY dollars I probably would have bought it...because I felt so bad for his little self-published book and him sitting alone at the table with his little ghetto blaster playing old wartime tunes and half falling asleep. I talked to him for a bit and bought a book (only $18!) and he signed it for me and I had my sister take this photo and he kissed my hand (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I almost broke down into tears but managed to hold it together. He's NINETY FOUR YEARS OLD! I know I say it all the time, but I love old people:

We played catch in the backyard and lay out under their tree and then we ate an early dinner at Five Guys and came home.
Sigh...I love Geneseo. I love my family there.



Big Yam's Aunt said...

Where's the X-Men review?

dr. rei said...

This post made me literally howl. Also, I heart that old guy!!!! Awww!