Thursday, June 09, 2011

Ahhhhhhhh summer

Is there anything better? I'm looking at our calendar and so thrilled with upcoming events/hangs/activities that I feel like I'm going to burst into a million rainbows.

I'm full to bursting! Not much time to post much detail, but I had a lovely visit with my friend D today (where she was a trooper and drove in from Oakville to visit with me and then because the Big Yam was napping I made her help me with such fascinating, urban tasks as pumping up the tires on my Chariot) and now we're off to Markham to celebrate Poh Poh's birthday.

The Chariot is pretty slick. I am EXTREMELY grateful for my enclosed porch though...that thing is a bit of a beast. We took it for a test run to our local library and back and it's fantastic - I'm not going to say that I didn't notice the extra weight when I was going uphill, but it's a well designed, well engineered machine.

This is Tuesday night's dinner of a veggie coconut curry (I cheated and used purchased curry powder) with a billion bamboo shoots over brown rice:

This is a quinoa salad I made. It's quinoa, tossed with roasted asparagus spears cut into 1" pieces, chunks of medium-boiled egg, some avocado, and all bound together with a scallion-roasted garlic mayonnaise I whipped together with my immersion blender. I over seasoned it a bit so it was salty on its own, but then I mixed it with leftover brown rice which cut down the salinity AND made it a healthier, more complete meal. It made for perfect, make-ahead, hot weather sustenance:

Anyway, Bruce Wayne is here, I gotta flash!


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