Friday, May 27, 2011

This post is going to be kinda girly...

inspired by the fact that I read the published excerpt from Mindy Kaling's upcoming book (available here) yesterday. I freakin' love Mindy Kaling...I think she's so funny and totally owns it and I find her way more easy to relate to than say, Tina Fey, who is the heroine for liberal, smart, professional moms. Mindy Kaling is the heroine for liberal, smart, pop culture obsessed working girls in L.A., and let's face it - even I, the girl who's more of a man (according to my husband), who wears her hair in a pony EVERY. SINGLE. GODDAMNED. DAY., who is way too wicked practical to wear anything but Birkenstocks in the summer, and who couldn't give a fig about 3/4 of the designers available at Opening Ceremony...even I have a little bit of that L.A. girl in me.

Reading Mindy's excerpt lead me to her twitter, which lead me to this new site, Hello Giggles that's run by Zooey Deschanel (whom I'm kinda over...just a little bit - possibly because I saw a photo of her looking HELLA old and I was like, girl, you can't be rocking that twee, tights-and-mary-janes look forever! What happens when you turn FORTY?!?), Sophia Rossi (links to their tumblr pages) and Molly McCaleer. Molly McAleer is new to me, but Sofia Rossi isn't. I mean, how awesomely hilarious she is is new to me, but ever since I've been on Twitter I made a point of following Samantha Ronson (this was when she was deep in the throes of mad lesbian dramas with Lindsay Lohan, and I couldn't resist getting an inside look. WHAT. I'M ONLY HUMAN!!!), and Mindy Kaling and Nicole Ritchie, who were always shouting out their friend Sofifi on Twitter. I feel like if I was anyone in Hollywood I'd probably be Nicole Richie (once she lost all the weight - ie. post drugs/Paris Hilton association.) I identify with her style (maxi dresses & vintage say what!) and she's a mom of two oddly named kids and she's shacked up with a musician (kinda sorta...I wouldn't trade the Dotytron for a pasty-faced Madden bro for all the world) and her version of the L.A., pop culture obsessed, TV watching, regular gal-about-town makes her seem pretty down to earth and like we could be compadres (unlike, say, the L.A. girls of the Hills.)

All this is to say that if you read Molls & Sofifi's blogs, they're FREAKIN' hilarious and I will definitely be cribbing some of their material. Sample Molls post:

If you title your YouTube video “Crackhead Crying About How Much He Loves Pizza” and then I click on that video and that’s not exactly what I get, I’m calling the police.

LOL! See? So funnay. Hello Giggles is a pretty cute site filled with fluffy goodness like, "Which Baby-sitter's Club member are you?" It just speaks to my adolescent/teen experience and part of the adult lady I am now.

Anyway, I know like, the Huffington Post Canada launched today, but I'd seriously rather spend time thinking about which Baby-sitter's Club Member I am (probably Kristy) and pretending I'd be the kind of girl to do DIY leopard spot nails. I guess I could be working on my homework or paper that was due in DECEMBER, or reading up on world events but let's face it: I gotta play to my strengths.

Like I said, I recently read Tina Fey's Bossypants, which I thought was kinda meh. I'm not one to go buck for Tina Fey. I can totally appreciate that she's a funny woman who has made great strides and is a feminist out there in network television holding her own in and amongst the guys...but like, she's not the reason I find (found) 30 Rock funny. Tracy Morgan is. I also didn't love her as Sarah Palin, etc...but I know she's pretty funny and it's awesome to see her at the helm of a female centred network television show that's not about forensics or being a real housewife or sister wife or any other kind of wife. I found the book kind of slim on the humour and she's also super-guarded, so you don't get a lot of juice...everything just felt really removed and detached and you never got too close to what makes her tick or her motivations, so it fell kind of flat for me. Not a lot of reflection and I wasn't able to feel like we could be girlfriends, ya know?

I spent most of the Boston trip plowing through Sarah Dessen's latest, What Happened to Goodbye. At this point in my Sarah Dessen career, she and I have a finely-tuned, well-oiled system going. Her books are kind of formulaic but soothing pablum nonetheless. Same old, same old. Tall, slender, pretty teenage girl with minor baggage stumbling through a year "figuring it out" with the help of a slightly left-of-centre guy. I enjoyed this better than Lock and Key and Along for the Ride, but it still ranked below my all-time favorites, This Lullaby and Just Listen.

In other news, since last night I've had these weird stomach pains that feel like moments of random, clenchy discomfort. It happens when I either sit up or lie on my side or change position but will also happen when I'm going about my business. It doesn't hurt enough to make me feel like I can't do stuff, or that I should go to the hospital, but it is weird. If anything, it kinda feels like I have something flipping around and moving in there...which has obviously made me think that I either have worms, or one of those TLC medical-freak-show ailments like a baby growing in my stomach. Strangely, when I consider these possibilities, I'm not scared so much as embarrassed at being a medical oddity.

Last night's dinner was steamed chicken breast, lap cheong, and mushrooms over baby shanghai choy on steamed brown rice, in a sweet soy sauce. LISTEN UP PEOPLE: IT'S SOY SAUCE, NOT SOYA.

Now I gots to go finish mending my mom's dress because she's starting to get antsy about the fact that I've had it for 7 months (she brought it over the first week I was home with new baby Big Yam.) My mom loves treating me like a seamstress. This is kind of galling because I vividly remember a time, like, 7 or 8 years ago, when we ended up at Caffé Demetre on the Danforth with Bruce Wayne and my sister and the Dotytron and she was all in a snit because I had borrowed her sewing machine and she wanted it back "to do some sewing" (I don't think my mom has applied herself to any handiwork since 1974) and I said I wasn't going to return it because I knew she wasn't going to use it and she got all teenaged drama queen about it and pouty and almost ruined our time eating our stupidly named desserts, until I agreed to return it to her and it's been SITTING IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE IN MARKHAM GATHERING DUST EVER SINCE. But it's okay, I'll get over and mend her dress.

Tonight we're doing dinner with our Friday night dinner gang - Dr. Rei, Hanbo, Dr. Rei's little bro, and us. We're going to Udupi Palace (which you might know as "Arupi"). Hopefully my tum tums holds up! Then we're heading up to Markham to spend the weekend with my fam-bam because my sister and outlaw bro are coming up! Wahoooooooooo! I think we're going to see Bridesmaids while the boys go see The Hangover Part 2. I'm REALLY looking forward to X-Men: First Class because I love 2 things: X-Men AND la Fassbender.



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