Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mater Familias

My first mother's day! Truth be told, I don't really care about it - it has been nice to use it as an excuse to have Sunday breakkie made for me for a change, and the Dotytron is being really nice about indulging my whims and tidying the basement and telling me that I can go to Canadian Tire and buy more clear Rubbermaid bins for labelling and organizing and cataloguing stuff (aka my FAVORITEST THING IN THE WORLD!) He's also been really nice and let me do some minor furniture arranging/vacuuming/cleaning and he said he was going to clean the bathroom. AND he got me a Kindle - so he's been super-dee-duper nice to me. At the end of the day, the Kindle is just bonus - I'd be over-the-moon if he just did the other stuff (ie. let me make his precious Sunday NOT FUN by demanding that we do a billion house projects/chores/boring organizational things.) I shacked up with a really good guy. So for Father's Day, I'm going to reciprocate by letting him spend a day of leisure without putting anything on our agenda. It's a fair trade.

He made me "Eggs Do-Do" - the maiden voyage for this recipe. It's basically eggs on bacon on toast with cheese, topped with a tomato-oregano sauce - almost like breakfast pizza toast? It was really good and he spent a long time thinking/executing it and it turned out really delicious:

Yesterday we met with our caregiver. The Dotytron came up with her nickname. We were outside talking to the neighbours and enjoying a street pizza party and as we were walking back to the house to get ready to meet the daycare lady, he turned to me and said (all put out because he hates doing stuff on the weekend): "So, how long is this meeting with the ho-bag supposed to last?" LOL! Anyway, we met with the Ho-Bag, who I've gotten to know through the drop-in centre, but it was the Dotytron's first time - we both really liked her after talking to her more in-depth. She's from Chile and has 2 kids of her own, who are like, 12 and 10 or something. We met in her house and met her husband as well. She used to do non-home daycare and has a university degree in Chile in early childhood education. The thing we really liked about her is that she seems really experienced and the home daycare experience means that she's willing to accommodate you to a certain extend. She's very relaxed and calm and any questions we had her general response was "we'll work together to find a solution."

Her hours were a little worrisome at first. She works from 8-5 which I understand, is already a long day for her, and then she has to transform her house from daycare to her own home, and cook and do her own home/life stuff, but I was worried how we'd swing it. I think the Dotytron is going to do pick-up and I'll do drop off. She's also amazing because she doesn't do late penalties - unlike a lot of other daycares where it's like, a $1 a minute or something. She's very understanding that most of the time you'll be there around 8 (give or take 10 minutes) and pick up at 5 (give or take 10 minutes), but that if there's a storm, or rush hour, or something, she gets that these things happen and is accommodating and doesn't penalize you - as long as you don't make a habit out of it. I also think that while an earlier drop off and a later pickup might be nice - that's a really long day for the Big Yam to be with someone else. So if that means we have to re-jig our work schedules a bit to minimize his time in care - I'm okay with that.

The Ho-Bag was also willing to continue with cloth diapers and if we want special food, we can bring that, but otherwise she makes a healthy breakfast and lunch and takes the kids out every day. She was also willing to support our early potty training initiatives (which have been a complete failure this past week as he keeps s***ting his pants while he sleeps!) which is nice. Her rates are also really reasonable - $55/day up until 18 months and then it drops down to $50 day. She works for 2 weeks and we pay her for those 2 weeks after she's worked them. She get paid for all statutory holidays, but we can take 2 weeks vacation without paying her and she takes 2 weeks vacation where she doesn't expect to be paid, so I guess it works out to about a month off all year we don't pay. Anything about 2 weeks she expects to be paid, which is fair - it's her livelihood too. Anyway, I'm feeling really good that *knock on wood* we've got things really established and we can rest easy that the Big Yam will be in good hands.
We went to see a documentary yesterday, called The Pirate Tapes about this guy from Toronto who goes and tries to infiltrate a Somali pirate ship. It's CRAZY. The doc is really slick (funded by HBO) with a hip soundtrack (which I found a little intrusive sometimes - the music is turned up too loud in the mix) and talks about how the genesis of Somali pirating is that international fishing boats were coming in and robbing Somali villages of their livelihood by fishing the crap out of their waters. Then, international companies were also dumping illegal sewage/toxic waste in Somali waters. So the pirating was initially an attempt to fight back against the illegal practices of European and North American companies. However, as aid workers who were interviewed in the film stated, the original "Robin Hood" impetus for pirating was quickly transformed into straight greed - as they said, if pirates were really politically motivated, you would see some of that money being fed into the Somali economic system and into the villages - but you don't. There was also an allegation made that there is external funding of these pirates and that North American investors actually invest into these pirating raids. The footage was really fascinating, although I did fall asleep during some of the middle bit.

Some of the factual allegations in the film were kind of tenuous (in the Michael Moore fashion) and I also thought that the ending was rushed and that important facts/events weren't being investigated fully (the infiltrator is captured by Somali police and held and detained without contact with the outside world and then suddenly is released) and there was more there than was being revealed. This Toronto Star article alleges that there was a disagreement between the filmmakers and the subject but when pressed during the Q & A, they kind of glossed over any tension and said that everything was fine.

I will say that footage from the Somali hospitals where children were being brought in, with mysterious ailments (some of them horrific, like a small boy where half the skin on his face had loosened so that he looked like a human version of the Batman character Two Face), probably caused by exposure to toxic waste, and who all died by the time the filmmakers returned, was heartbreaking to watch. At one point the camera focuses in on a little boy, so malnourished his neck is so frail and thin and his eyes so big, who has cancer, and the little boy stares at the camera and in my head I was flashing to the Big Yam's cherubic face and rolls of skin and I just thought how lucky he is and how lucky we are to live where we live. We talked a bit about adopting and whether we would want to do that for #2 or #3. I'm willing to and I think the Dotytron is willing to as well. That all sounds altruistic, until I share with you this snippet of our conversation:

Dotytron: "But I think I would want a baby"
Me: "But that's bad! EVERYONE wants a baby and the older kids need homes too! It's like how everyone wants kittens!"
Him: "Okay, well then, how old would you go? I think I would take up to a 2 year old"
Me: "I'd go up to 5"
Him: "REALLY?" $$%!!&???!
Me: "I mean, only if it's a black kid"

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! I am a horrible, horrible person. So horrible in fact, that when we were sitting in the theatre before the doc started and a woman a few aisle overs fumbled her bag of popcorn and spilled about a third of it into the aisle, I started laughing my butt off. Silently, mind you, but uncontrollably. As I broke into laughter, I turned to see the Dotytron looking at me with a patient-but-loving-incredulous-but-ashamed expression and just silently shaking his head at me. Which only made me laugh harder as I got caught in this meta-feedback loop of: woman dropping popcorn = funny : me laughing at that and finding it so funny = funnier : the Dotytron finding himself married to someone who has such a lowbrow sense of humour = funnier still : the fact that I fancy myself so intellectual but at the end of the day finding people falling/spilling popcorn/rude fart-bodily fluid jokes/Gallagher smashing stuff beyond hilarious = funniest of all.

What is wrong with me, indeed?

We ended up scalping our other tickets and sneaking into Guu Saka Bar for an impromptu dinner. We got there at 6:20 and only had to wait like, 10 minutes to be seated. I think things get really bumping there around 6:30 and it was a nice day, so I think people were thinking patio and didn't want to eat early. Being a party of 2 helps as well.

Picked up the Big Yam from Momma and Poppa D's house to find that he'd been an insufferable, screaming-his-head-off prig most of the night. Yikes. He's starting to get all stranger-danger and when we walked through the door was crying his head off but as soon as he saw us, was all giggle-Gerber baby 2000. Super annoying!

It's a beautiful day out today so I think we're going to skip the afternoon doc and walk around instead. The Dotytron's sis was supposed to babysit for us, so maybe we'll spend the afternoon walking around with her.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


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