Monday, May 30, 2011

Grateful pig

Daily family/friend/weekend/life love affirmation time. Not in the tempting-the-fates way, more in the "Dear Fates, I truly savour every moment because I realize how lucky I am and how tenuous and fleeting life is and I want you to know I'm filled with gratitude for my countless wonders" way.

What a weekend! It started with dinner with the Friday Night Dinner crew (me, Dr. Rei, Hanbo, the Dotytron, Big Yam, Dr. Rei's broski) at Udupi Palace, a vegetarian Indian place in Little India, around the corner from us. Some things were really exquisite, some were not. The appetizer platter was kind of hit or miss - the breading on some of the fried things was a little dense and lacking in seasoning - I'm not sure if they purposefully underseason so that you can then adjust with the chutneys, but it wasn't all working for me.

The best stuff on the menu were the dosas. We had a potato masala dosa that was spicy and a masala paneer dosa that was INSANELY good - I could eat those all day, every day. I accidentally gave the Big Yam some of the potato dosa without tasting it and it was spicy and he started crying and I felt like a bad, bad, mum.

Then we went up to Markham and spent the weekend with the fam-bam. We ate out, hung out, went swimming with the kids (which almost broke us), and saw a movie. When you're dealing with infants, the optimal adult-to-infant swimming happiness and maneuverability ratio is 2:1. We had 3 adults, 2 babies, and 2 kids (the kids are self sufficient) and it was a slippery octopus, chlorine, showering, family-change room gong show. Not recommended...but still, Little Big Cuz and the Big Yam had so much fun. The Big Yam is a pretty joyful being - one day, I'll take a video of his little "joy-gasms" and post it on here, it makes my insides shut down. Little Big Cuz likes to make eyes at you, smile, can army crawl across the floor, and screams like a woman when his mama isn't in sight, which also makes my insides shut down, but in a slightly different way.

I have an epic video of the two cousins babbling at each other, which is pretty crazy, considering that babies don't generally recognize each other or engage with other babies. Check out the Big Yam's awesome lotus pose up there - would that we were all still so flexible.

My sister and I went to see Bridesmaids while the boys went to see The Hangover Part 2(which they said was horrible, which I don't find surprising in the least, since the original Hangover was a textbook case of a movie that stupid people who laugh at dumb trailers in theatres go buck over.) Bridesmaids was decent, although I'm not a fan of gross-out humour. I'm also not a fan of using fat people to be the vehicles of gross-out humour, which this movie is a little guilty of. I also thought the movie dragged a bit (I can't remember a recent comedy that wasn't a little uneven) and some of the relationships (particularly between best friends Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig) strained credulity. That being said, Kristen Wiig is quite funny and winning through a lot of the movie and some of her freakouts are hilarious, as was her impression of a penis in the face.

Obligatory "I love my hood!" interjection. I LOVE MY HOOD! I love it love it love it love it love it. Yesterday we spent the better part of the late afternoon outside on our neighbour's lawn and hung out with some of the bigger kids who were coming back from the splash pad at the bottom of the street. Then my neighbour's mom offered to watch the Big Yam while I got dinner on, which was so nice of her! Then we all went out back and watched the commotion with some baby raccoons in the big tree and bounced around some ideas about renting a bin with the neighbs and doing some demo work. Then after dinner we went outside again for the post-dinner hangs. I don't want anyone to move...I'm so scared that people are going to leave the street and change the dynamic. Everyone on the street refers to the Big Yam as "baby Theo" (as in: "baby Theo is here!" "look at what baby Theo is doing!") and there's always sidewalk chalk and skipping and a million shared tricycles, plastic cars, and balls going on.

This weekend wasn't without it's minor wrinkles. I picked a fight with the Dotytron that was pretty hilarious. On Saturday afternoon he went with Bruce Wayne and Uncle Rico to take Little Ze and Miss E out to see Kung Fu Panda 2. As we were tucking into bed that night, the Dotytron was exhausted but I wasn't read to sleep so I wanted to talk and he was all rolling over and giving me the back so I started making outrageous claims like, "you never spend time with me!!!" and "there are only 2 days on the weekend when you can hang out with the Big Yam, and instead you chose to see Kung Fu Panda" and all sorts of unreasonable, petulant, mis-directed (really, I was just awake and wanted to talk more and missed spending one-on-one time with him and was probably a little pms-y) immaturity. I was also beyond reason and wouldn't let it go, which culminated in this line from the Dotytron: "Look, I can't talk to you when you're like this, I'm going to sleep. It's over. It happened, okay? Kung Fu Panda happened." LOL x a billion. "Kung Fu Panda HAPPENED" should be on a flash card so that it can be thrown up in front of my face the next time (and these kinds of minor moments of insanity are inevitable) this happens.

Last night for dinner I made us a nice, simple, quick supper of roasted Ontario asparagus, topped with roasted garlic oil croutons, and poached eggs. I love this meal. I'll post a photo tomorrow.

Tonight we're having chicken donburi with miso glazed eggplant...provided of course, that I manage to get home from my work bocce tournament (you read that right) in time to actually cook something.


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