Thursday, May 05, 2011


...turn and face the strange, indeed! The Dotytron has accepted a new job as the band leader for a middle school (grades 7 & 8)! This school sounds like it has a lot more going for it in the music department - they have regular band AND a strings-only band and there's a separate parent council for music and they do a pretty good job fundraising. So this is a good step in the direction of the Dotytron's eventual goal of teaching high school music - the students will know what's what, the parents will be more demanding, etc.

The bad part is: it's still only a 0.5! This is why the TDSB is messed up. At this stage in the hiring process, the Dotytron CANNOT apply for another 0.5 to make a full-time gig. He can only QUIT his current 0.5 and go pick up a new one. So dumb. Which means that even though he LOVES the school that he's currently employed at and loves the admin and loves the ghetto Scarberian kids he teaches (new school is still in Scarborough, but a slightly better part, where when you show the kids an instrument or try to discipline them they're not like: *blank stare* "wha gwaaan?"), he can't pick up this new 0.5 to make a full day of teaching. So the only thing he can do is wait and see if he can apply (in the third round of postings) for his current job, which will be posted for the 2nd round, and if it doesn't get filled, apply and make up a full day that way. So arcane!!! Also, there's a weird seniority thing where a teacher who has been working X number of years has access to a SECRET round of postings and can just cherry pick their job without having to interview at all. Random! Right now, there's still some flexibility with his new job in terms of scheduling, so we're going to look at where the majority of postings want a half time person (either in the morning or afternoon) and decide his schedule based on that and we're crossing our fingers that his current school won't find someone suitable and will hire him back on a half-time basis and then he can FINALLY be working full time (albeit at 2 different schools, which will be stressful).

A random assortment of funny stories from our life:

1) The Dotytron was feeding the Big Yam the other day and picked him up out of the high chair to clean him up. "Ugh dude, your legs are all filthy!" Turning to me, noticing that I had a washcloth in my hand, the Dotytron says, "Can you do me a favor and whack this guy off for me?" *long beat* LOL! He meant scrape down the Boobla's legs with the washcloth - but hilariously inappropriate nonetheless.

2) Our dodgeball game got cancelled last night so we had a free night. The Dotytron went upstairs to practice his guitar and I was downstairs doing some computer work. After 2 hours of separateness, he comes downstairs and sees me sitting at my laptop. "What are you doing?" Me: "Looking at this picture of Bill Gates" *turns laptop around*


3) Some of you may know that I've been actively campaigning for an e-reader for like, a whole year. I read A LOT. And it's nice to have a billion books on one thing that's small and portable for travel and whatnot. Anyway, I'd dropped mad hints (ie. overt statements) that I wanted an e-reader at Christmas to no avail. So I've been jokingly dropping mad hints about wanting one for Mother's Day on the Dotytron's Facebook wall. Then today I turned to him and said, "Don't buy me an e-reader, it probably makes more sense for us to buy each other a tablet at Christmas and then get an e-reader app for it" to which he looked me straight in the eye and said, "Okay. But what if I already got you an e-reader?" AWWWWWW! What a cute little muffin! He said it's from him and the Big Yam. I was like, "what money did you use?" "The only money I have right now: credit" LOL! So it looks like I'm getting a Kindle! Wahoo! I was torn at the last minute because I thought a Kobo might be better (it takes the epub format instead of Kindle's proprietary .azw) - but if we end up going with my tablet plan, we can always get a Kobo app for that and cover all our bases. I married a very sweet giraffe-with-the-head-of-the-squirrel-that-looks-like-Abraham-Lincoln-from-the-Simpson's indeed. Although now I've shot myself in the food because I don't know what to get him!

Last night's beef burrito bowl was deeelicious. Brown rice & black beans cooked in a guajillo chile-tomato sauce flavoured with cumin and coriander and Mexican oregano, topped with sliced sirloin steak and a tomato-scallion-avocado-lime salsa with sour cream dabbed on top. I'm loving my rice bowls lately.

I went for my first real run today - ran (the word is used loosely) for just under 3km and didn't stop to walk once. It's the new me! So breakfast this morning was healthytimes - a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with a blackberry and rhubarb compote:

Tonight I'm going to this resident information session for the park at the end of my street. There are some plans to revamp the skating rink and modernize the space that I'm soooo happy about. Right now, we have a hockey rink with boards and an open free skate rink that's roughly the same size right next to it. They're going to cover over the hockey rink (first covered outdoor rink in Toronto!) and scrap the free skate rink, instead turning the free skate area into a figure 8 skate path with trees and other greenery planted around it. They're also updating the change rooms - putting in a community use room, a family change room, and shrinking down the male and female change rooms a bit (right now they're ginormous and kind of gross). YAY! So pleased that this park is right at the bottom of our street and is getting so much love!

For dinner I'm making us asparagus and proscuitto tartines (French open-faced sandwiches of stuff on bread) topped with a poached egg and shaved parm. With a side salad.


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