Sunday, April 17, 2011

Working on dem teef!

So I just checked out some vacation photos on FB of some peeps who have an almost 2 year old little girl and I guess they were in the Dominican or something. The little girl was wearing a series of bikinis and I was totally grossed out by it. Is that weird? I just don't get what areas you're trying to define when you put a toddler in a bikini. I mean, I didn't wear a two piece bathing suit until I was around 23 or 24. Which might be a little extreme, but still - I find it really creepy when I see young girls in 2 piece bathing suits. I'm in favour of the surfer look for kids. In fact, the other day at Kol Kid on Queen Street I almost bought the Big Yam a blue and white striped one piece that looked like the French "bathing costumes" people used to wear, back when people had some modesty:

I also think that look is hilarious.

We won our dodgeball game on Friday! Wahoo! Which actually meant we finished the season in third place (after only winning 2 games all season long). LOL! Amazing! We start up again on Wednesdays - which means a pretty insane schedule. The Dotytron is working late Mondays, Tuesdays I have class starting in May, Wednesday night we have dodgeball, Thursday night the Dotytron works late again, Friday we have softball starting up. Gulp. No wonder I get yelled at for over scheduling us.

On top of that - I might have volunteered to organize a street Easter Egg hunt for the kids. *weak laughter* I can't help it! Then, when I was trying to figure out the logistics and typing up my super cute invitation (see below), I asked the Dotytron what he thought about some minor detail, and he got all, "I don't know, whatever, I'm too busy to think about that right now" and then I (of course) BLEW UP AT HIM and went on this giant diatribe about "community!" and "Jane Jacobs!" and "selfishness!" and "civic mindedness!" and all sorts of Sesame-Street type malarkey about how everyone is busy and how you have to make time for these kinds of things and otherwise you're contributing to the downfall and anomie of modern life, blah blah blah. It was pretty classic/epic. At the end of the day, it's not *that* much work and I kind of had the best time ever making the invites, so once I calmed down, the Dotytron was able to talk some sense into me and make me see that I was being insane and high-strung.

Saturday we had dim sum with my Poh Poh and my mum and my mum's exotic lesbian cross-dressing friend and her partner. The Big Yam woke up twice throughout Friday evening and we went to bed late so we woke up feeling like hell and the weather was pants, which all meant that my planned movie date with Dr. Rei to see Jane Eyre was cancelled in the end. I love my best friend though. I really really do. So much of my time is spent chuckling over something funny one or the other of us said in recent memory. Like how last week when we were hanging out she was trying to remember the name of this Indian restaurant in our hood and kept telling me to search for "Arupi" or "Arupa" and even though I REPEATEDLY asked if she meant "Udupi Palace" she insisted that it started with an "A" - only to figure out like, 2 days later that it WAS Udupi Palace. Stuff like that.

Friday night pre-dodgeball I made us mussels steamed with chorizo and Fin du Monde beer with toasted buttered whole wheat baguette and a salad:

Last night we had McDonald's. Whee! This morning we had Momma and Poppa D over for a belated birthday brunch for Momma D. I made spinach and cheddar waffles topped with a slice of ham and a poached egg with a mixed greens salad with sesame-soy dressing:

I also made a banana cake with cream cheese frosting.

Tonight we're going over to J & S's house for a Mexican fiesta. I think they made carnitas - but my contribution is a chocolate flan and some dulce de leche snowball cookies.


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Aunty T said...

You know how I feel about bikinis and kids (especially with the shiz I see in the work I do).

PS - the invitation looks so cute -- be sure to take pics of the easter egg hunt.