Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The resurrection of Christos Maximos

is a joyful time, befitting tranquil reflection on the power of miracles and all the goodness that is the Lord.

...OR it's a time to dress up your kid in a Michael Jordan onesie with matching skull cap, courtesy of Mhui:


This weekend was cray-cray. My bro, Bruce Wayne had all these health problems that resulted in him spending a chunk of the weekend in emergency and then having his gall bladder removed. We had the Easter Egg hunt, which went well - but will require minor tinkering for next year (I will be more strict about the shotgun start and I will fill my eggs with stickers so that the little ones aren't super-hyped up on chocolate). Then we had Dr. Rei over for a hilarious brunch of spinach & cheddar waffles topped with poached eggs & hollandaise and served with maple cranberry breakfast sausages from the Mennonites:

Saturday morning we took Poh Poh and my mom out to lunch at Phoenix - I couldn't possibly love that restaurant MORE. It's insane how much I love that place. Then headed back downtown and did a top-to-bottom house clean in preparation for TPat's arrival from Vancouver. Sunday was a brunch of Spanish torta (sliced potato omelet) that I gussied up with red pepper & crumbled Bob Evans sausage and topped with salsa verde:

Then homework for the Dotytron and myself and Easter dinner with Momma D's side of the family (I baked a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting but did not take a photo.) Monday was the final round of housecleaning, homework, and the Big Yam's first time on a swing:

His little feet kicking up slay me. For dinner last night I made us a warm chickpea salad with spinach, topped with seared flat iron steak with salsa verde:

I also resurrected my starter after a YEAR in cryo and made 2 rosemary olive olive oil boules which turned out to be my most successful breads to date. The olive oil results in a slightly tighter mie for the bread and a tender crust. I also adjusted for the fact that our house is cold with longer resting times than the recipe (courtesy of my bread-baking idol, Nancy Silverton's Breads from La Brea Bakery) called for - with amazing results. I'm so proud!

Finally, we finished off our Easter weekend with a couple Thomas Keller oreo cookies. I fell in love with the TKO from Bouchon when I was last in NYC - it's a superlative rendition of the Mr. Christie classic. The recipe yields a HEAVENLY salty chocolate sablé cookie that crumbles just so around a (too sweet - will adjust the amount of white chocolate) whipped white chocolate cream. I don't normally spend time fussing with sandwich cookies - I generally hate the low yield and the multiple steps (rolling & cutting & piping filling?!?) but these I will definitely make again. I love the hit of salt and the deep, rich chocolate flavour - which was obtained with bulk store cocoa powder, despite the exhortations from the ENTIRE WORLD to use "the best quality" cocoa powder one could find:

TPat comes this afternoon! Yay!!! So excited for her visit - although I am bummed that she will be spending a week in Toronto that's supposed to be full of thundershowers.

Tonight for dinner I'm making us roasted asparagus tartines (French open faced "sandwiches" of toasted bread and toppings) with poached eggs and parmesan cream with a mixed green salad of roasted beet, horseradish cheddar, and maple vinaigrette.


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dr. rei said...

OMG Big Yam on the swing is the cutest sight the world has seen.