Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Shiz be all mad hectic all up in this mother - so this is a mostly picture post. The Dotytron's "girl talk" class in his after school program (who he's been teaching for the past 3 years and who ADORE him) have been clamoring to meet the Big Yam so I'm taking the car this afternoon to meet him and crash the lesson.
These are my dulce de leche sandwich cookies. They turned out GINORMOUS and look like little bums with a skid mark. I accidentally added too much flour to the batter through the classic n00b mistake of measuring incorrectly (dip and scoop rather than the more correct, spoon and level.)

The chocolate flan - which was a big hit! I love flan and I should really make it more. So nice and chilled and refreshing:

Last night's dinner was whole wheat spaghetti in a rose sauce with Italian sausage from Rowe farms and parsley:

This is the blurriest picture of all time, but it's strictly for the benefit of SMckay, who spoiled the Big Yam with the cutest set of stuffies ever. They're called the Food Chain Friends (tagline: "they're friends, they eat each other...it's a complicated relationship") which are a set of cute and ugly vaguely prehistoric looking stuffed toys that all fit inside each other's mouths like Paleozoic
Matryoshka dolls. This is the Big Yam having his head eaten by one:

Solids foods + itch to craft + blogging inspiration + need to procrastinate = HOMEMADE GIANT PLACEMATS/SPLAT MATS! I bought the laminated cotton fabrics from Etsy and all I had to do was cut them to size, round the corners, make bias tape (I am now a bias tape PRO) in a contrasting/complementary shade and sew the bias tape on. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. Right now we have one of the table and one folded up underneath the high chair:

Don't embiggen the photos lest you see my crooked seams (I rushed through the job while watching Top Chef Canada and being distracted by how PATHETIC the cooking pool is in our home and native land.)


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