Friday, April 01, 2011


Gah! Super-busy lately and yet still feeling kind of blah and uninspired. Don't have any dinner ideas, don't want to do my crafting/sewing projects, feel like the house is a mess, always running around like a chicken with my head cut off AND one of my profs is on my jock about a (4 month) late paper. BOOOO! She gave me a B+ on my first assignment AND inquired about the late paper in an email where she cc'd the prof who's teaching the second part of the course, which I thought was kind of shady - like, I'm up to date so far on term 2, so why you gotta call me out? I feel like it's going to colour his perception of my work. I was all complain-y about the B+ and received no sympathy from the Dotytron, who was like, "there's only so far you can coast and not do any work - considering you didn't do ANY research, you should be happy with the B+" - which I guess is true - but I want to be able to coast, not do any work, and get an A- at least! C'MAAAAAN.

Here's a photo of the Big Yam looking all proprietary and ready to leap out of the exersaucer at the first intruder:
And here's a photo of him and H at the One of a King show. We stayed for 5 hours and had a really good time:

So far, I'm really liking the crowd at the drop-in centre. Yesterday, I had to go pee and hesitantly asked a lady, "what do you do when you have to go to the bathroom?" and she was all like, "just put him down! Ask someone to watch him! I'll watch him!" all shouty-like. It was pretty cute and they're very welcoming there.

Today we're off to meet S for a walkabout around St. Lawrence Market (and hopefully the fancy Joe Fresh at Queen's Quay), then library, home, dinner, and Momma & Poppa D over to put T to sleep and we go play dodgeball. Tomorrow is class all day and then our friend G's birthday get together.

This life. What a slog!


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