Sunday, April 03, 2011

I don't want to crow about it

but my kid is a trooper of the highest order. No big deal, just went to B & G's last night at around 7pm, charmed the pants off of EVERYONE, got passed around and was totally cool and chill with being held by a billion people, took a bottle at 8:30pm, then fell asleep in his car seat in the midst of about 15 people eating, doing shots, popping open bottles of bubbly, clapping and shouting: "BLACK FACE! BLACK FACE!" (long story) and otherwise behaving as if there wasn't a child in the room, and stayed there calm as can be until we left at 1am. Seriously? What an amenable little laddie he is.

AND today he did his first deuce in the potty! Huzzah! I had the Dotytron buy this plastic potty from Ikea ($3.99! Shazzam!) and I set it up in the Big Yam's room, lined it with a cloth diaper, and today when I was feeding him and he started giving off poop signals, I pulled off his diaper and sat him down for the first time ever, more to familiarize him with the sitting than anything else, and HE DROPPED OFF SOME COSBY'S AT THE POOL! What the heck?!??? It was awesome! I can't believe how excited I am by this, but that's just the story of my life right now.

Yesterday in class was a TOTAL write-off. So stupid and such a waste of my time. I show up, and the prof starts lecturing about different sections of the Charter, with case examples (ie. a Supreme Court of Canada case about Jehovah's not allowing their kid a blood transfusion) and then stupid dumbos in my class start raising their hand and ASKING QUESTIONS that aren't related to our work in the class but were more suitable for a grade 10 debate/social studies conversation. For example, "but who is to decide when the life of the child outweighs the religious freedoms of the parents?" blah blah blah. SO BORING! I was seriously like, I don't have time for you guys to ask questions just to hear yourselves talk about morals and ethics. That's not what this class is about. So I stayed until after lunch or so and then left. The sucky thing is: it takes me 3 hours of travel time there and back. What a waste of a day. AND I missed JSculls bambino shower because of it, too! Galling.

Friday Momma and Poppa D came over and watched Master T. Look at him holding his own bottle. NOT ALLOWED! Must stay a bambino forever!

Last night was so much fun! B & G had a bunch of high school peeps over and a few newer friends of theirs I hadn't met before and it was a grand time...amazing conversation, amazing food, amazing laughs . Their one friend, Ruby, whom I've met before is a hilarious card who is a bit of a super genius but also will swan around saying stuff like, "my old band's name was 'rape sandwich'" and talk about using Master T (in black face) for a series of Youtube videos he wants to produce on U.S. public policy called "Baby Obama." We ran into him two summers ago and he was wearing a hilarious t-shirt with a GIANT print of Kate Moss' face on it and on the back it said "Kate Moss and La Coca Nostra." LOL!

It was an Italian comfort-food meal in honor of G's birthday - so they had an antipasto-type spread of cheese, baguettes, proscuitto-wrapped asparagus, sardines, cured meats, pesto, chicken liver spread, olives, and then there was a caesar salad, a radicchio-fennel salad I contributed, a veggie lasagne, a meat lasagne, and this cake I baked from the Baked: Explorations cookbook called "Aunt Sassy" cake which is a 3-layer pistachio cake with a honey-vanilla buttercream. The flavours were pretty good - cake was tender and light, but pistachios are notoriously difficult nuts to extract flavour out of so it didn't taste very pistachio-y. The buttercream was delicious - they do a technique where it's a cooked flour type buttercream (not the Swiss or Italian meringue style that I usually do), which I was hesitant about but the end consistency is lovely and rich and lightly sweet. The only problem was the texture was a little grainy, but I think if I had continued to beat the crap out of it, it would have been fine. All in all, delicious. I'm excited to continue baking my way through the book - I think it's one definitely worth owning (thereby breaking my own no-more-cookbooks moratorium):

This morning we got up, a little the worse for wear on account of the late night and headed to Lady Marmalade for breakfast. That place is good, but the lineups are INSANE. We got there at 9:30 - NINE THIRTY!!!!! - and there was ALREADY a line. But the food is pretty tasty. I had this "BLT" (their use of quotes, not mine) which required a pre-committing-to-order clarification on why there were quotes and how far from a real BLT the item actually was. I was like, "is it still a sandwich? How deconstructed is this thing?" In reality, it was quite close - an open-faced sandwich of roasted tomato, baby spinach, poached eggs, bacon and chipotle cream sided with homefries and a pleasantly ginger-y dressing'd salad. The Dotytron had aged cheddar and spinach waffles with tomato-orange cream and a salad and bacon. The waffles were DELICIOUS. A nice revelation for people who prefer a savoury as opposed to sweet breakfast. I think I'm going to try to replicate it at the cottage this summer. The waffles have shredded cheddar and spinach mixed into the batter and then are baked again with more cheese on top. I think I'd add some ham, maybe swap out the cheddar with gruyere, and top with a poached egg as a nod to a croque madam. Nom nom nom.

In other news - we booked a flight to Boston for Victoria Day weekend. I KNOW! Total impulse buy with a Porter Airlines 30% off flight sale as a catalyst. I just want to GET AWAY! And I want to fly with the Big Yam while he's still free and go somewhere with him and the Dotytron. So fiscally irresponsible. I'm claiming it as our 10 year anniversary (!!!) fun trip. I really hope I have a job to come back to, post-election. Eeeks. Plus, Boston seems like the kind of town where it's fun to just walk around and explore and there are enough affordable eats (oysters & lobster rolls & chowder galore!) that I won't feel I'm missing out having to eat with the Big Yam and not doing our usual blow-out meal thing. Now the hunt is on for affordable accommodations.

In other other news, today marked the first day that a substance other than boob sizzurp has passed my kid's lips. We started him on rice cereal today. I was worried he wasn't ready for it, but once he got past the shock of having texture, he basically yelled at me each time I took the spoon away and followed the spoon with his mouth. Pretty cute - but again, a little heart-breaking as yet another milestone passed means that he's that much less my baby. Not allowed! Why can't he stay a baby forever? Why is time going by so G-D fast?

We did some yard work and homework today. Tonight for dinner I made us turkey and black bean tostadas with refried black beans, smeared on a crisp-fried corn tortilla, topped with chili-cooked shredded leftover turkey, shredded lettuce, dice avocado, & sour cream. Tasty use of leftovers, if I do say so myself.

Friday night's dinner was seared salmon with chimichurri sauce, a baked potato with sour cream & butter, and sautéed kale with garlic.


P.S. Can you believe I get to wake up next to THESE cheeks every morning? Tell me you understand now why each time he hits a developmental mark it hurts me a little even as I'm proud of him.

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dr. rei said...

Aaaaaahh...he is too cute for words! I don't want him to grow up either! Bambino 4ever!