Friday, April 08, 2011

Fun awaits!

Today is going to be a super-duper fun day. I can feel it in my bones.

I got up early and trucked my butt to work so that I could use the databases there and download some articles. I've just checked and my login allows me to access the legal databases from home! YES! No more having to go into work to research my next two papers! The heat is on. I have to finish my little wee 7 pager by this weekend, which will then leave me my final two 20 pagers (one supposed to be due next week, one was due in DECEMBER). I'm hoping to have those done by the end of the month, which will make me all caught up by the time my summer course starts in May. Here's hoping!

This afternoon Dr. Rei is going to come over so we can go buck and finally have a nice, long, catch-up session because I haven't seen her in TWO WEEKS and that's an eternity for us, especially when we were used to seeing each other several times a week for lunch when I was working, and at least once a week when the Big Yam was first borned. Then we're going to dodgeball, then dinner with Lolly and Dr. Rei. See? I told you: FUN!

Tomorrow is an epic, epic Saturday and I've been given the gears about it from the Dotytron for overscheduling us, as per usual. We start the morning off by heading to Markham, where the Dotytron will teach his lesson and then we'll take my mum and Poh Poh out to lunch. THEN we're taking the Big Yam swimming for the first time ever at the community centre. THEN we're visiting our friends R & P and their baby D in Richmond Hill. THEN we're visiting with the Dotytron's Aunt and Uncle who STILL haven't met Master T. THEN we're closing out the night by going for dinner with R & R. FOUR OUTINGS/VISITS IN ONE DAY!!! Bucksauce! Sunday is more sedate - we're having dinner with the Roomie & L'Army who came back from their India trip last week. L'Army has already posted some breathtaking photos pon de FB so I can't wait to hear the accompanying stories.

I'm seriously hoping there are family change rooms at the community centre. Juggling a chlorinated, slippery fish Big Yam while trying to shower and then sort out my own gitch (exacerbated by my usual ABJECT TERROR at the floors at public swimming pools - UGH RANDOM HAIR NOT ON A HEAD, WHY ARE YOU SO GROSS?!?) is already stressing me out.
On that note - I should be off to get packing/organized, but allow me to close with a thrilling potential childcare linkup update! Through going to the drop-in centre, we found out that the little girl across the street's caregiver takes her there regularly, and I've met the caregiver and she seems super nice and sweet and loving. I told my neighbour and she said she thinks the caregiver might have an opening around when we're looking and that she'll ask on our behalf. Score! Licensed, unlicensed, I care not - a neighbour vetting is more important to me and carries a lot of weight.

This is the hotel we're staying at in Boston - got a pretty insane deal off the rack rate. I'm so bougie. I can't NOT stay in a boutique hotel, even as I understand that "you're just sleeping there" yadda yadda. The look of a Holiday Inn Express is enough to make me break out in hives (or get a bed bug bite?) - I'd sometimes rather not travel at all. That being said, I'm sure the hotel's patrons are going to LURVE hearing a bambino crying for boob at 5 in the morning.



Emily Robson said...

Oh term papers, that old chestnut! Bonne chance and remember: reading only abstracts, intros and conclusions is a viable research option! hahahaha.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

Love it!