Monday, March 28, 2011

Things I learned this weekend

1) The Dotytron LOVES Pac Mall (Pacific Mall for the uninitiated) more than anything ever. We got roped into going with my mum to some Stem Cell fair her non-profit organization was running (the aim is to sign up more Chinese people to the stem cell database to increase the pool of potential matches) and the carrot was that we would pick up Beard Papa cream puffs on the way home. As we were wandering around Pac Mall waiting for the Beard Papa stand to open, the Dotytron sighed wistfully and said, "I wish there was a mall like this closer to where we live - I would be here ALL THE TIME." This is pretty significant considering the Dotytron hates malls, shopping, and once had a near-breakdown buying a pair of Birkenstocks in Florence with me and Dr. Rei in an episode that was immediately infamous. However, as the Dotytron noted, Pac Mall is filled with stores selling only what he likes: electronics, DVDs, ridiculous FOB apparel, bubble tea, Chinese food, weird herbal/medicinal ingredients.

2) The movie Babe 2: Pig in the City features a distinguished orangutan, who speaks in mellifluous, sonorous tones, who ALSO goes by the name Thelonius (pictured below.) LOL! It's spelled differently, we added the extra "o" to make it more in line with how the great Monk spelled it. We also found out recently that Thelonious Monk had a nephew named Theo Lonious, due to a birth certificate error.

3) Uncle Rico is apparently the biggest Price is Right fan of all time. Bruce Wayne downloaded Family Feud and Price is Right onto this iPad and it resulted in endless hours of entertainment over the weekend, replete with Uncle Rico exhibiting a startling knowledge of Price is Right tips, tricks, and lore.

4) Phoenix Restaurant, when they talk about their "house special" dessert, the "big toast" is NOT KIDDING about a) how big or b) how toast it is. Take a look at this thing!

It's basically a GIANT cube of the softest, sweetest, squishiest bread, completely devoid of nutritional or colonic value (no fibre here!), lightly toasted, scored on the inside and swabbed with salted, melted butter and then topped with ice cream (in the flavour of your choosing), whipped cream, strawberries and banana. This dessert has Dr. Rei written all over it. This dessert has anyone with tastebuds written all over it. I love Phoenix. Only there, can a table of 8 order at least one dish apiece, AND desserts AND drinks and have the bill come to just a hair (literally, like 38 cents) over $100, INCLUDING tip.

5) Paul Haggis is the WORST screenwriter/director of all time and the awarding of Crash the Best Picture Oscar of 2006 will go down in history as one of the biggest, bleeding-heart-iest mistakes in a long line of Academy liberalism. That is to say, that we rented The Next Three Days:
and it was terrible. It was pretty ridiculous, which should have been evident in the casting-against-type of the more comedically inclined Elizabeth Banks as an accused murderer (!) who has three days for her husband (Crowe) to break her out of county jail (!) before going away to a penitentiary for life. It was CRAZY STUPID. Gaping plot holes, hackneyed, whatever cleverness there was in the plot completely foiled by the implausibility and false urgency of the genius Pittsburgh police detectives cracking a case in 2 seconds. It was really really bad. Entertainingly so for my family, but allow me to save you two hours of your life. Instead of yelling at the TV, I'm sure you could find better ways to occupy yourself.

Friday night's pre-dodgeball dinner was a making-use-of-leftovers goodie. Pan-fried corned beef slices, pan-fried chestnut-herb stuffing cakes, fried egg. Nom nom nom!

Tonight we had a cobb salad (iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, turkey, avocadoes, hardboiled egg, crisped bacon, bleu d'Auvergne cheese, chives, dijon vinaigrette. So tasty! Loves me a protein-rich salad.

Here are two bonus pics of the Big Yam. One where he looks like a hipster farmer growing organic food in Portland, Oregon and the other where he looks like the little Star Eyes he is:



attila said...

i was so cuted out by the smiley photo of theo that i velociraptor screamed

dr. rei said...

ZOMG. ZOMG at that dessert and ZOMG at how cute Theo is. ALSO, that cobb salad looks AMAZING. Mmmm...remember that gigantic cobb salad I ordered from the Cheesecake Factory in Geneseo? I sure do, it was awesome.

Anyway, that dessert TOTALLY has my name written all over it's toasty deliciousness!

dr. rei said...

Also, LOL at that pic of dotytron in that hat...hahahah!

steph said...

God I love that kid! He is the cutest!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

LOL @ velociraptor screaming.

Thanks guys! He's a lucky kid to have so many adoring fans.

catherine said...

Papa d really missed looking after Theo tonight. These pics are edible and I don't mean the food.
dotytron and the hat = great
xoxo momma d