Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The story

of a boy and his stuffed rabbit.

So cute. Here's the Big Yam taking a wee before-bed catnap with the bunny his Great-Nany bought him (provisional name: Mr. Mistoffelees). Right now he stuffs everything into his mouth, either as a mode of sensory exploration or to ease the ache in his gums from the jaggedy tooth poking through. The result is, when he gets his chubby mitts on the rabbit, it looks like he's bringing it in for a big, juicy kiss.

Tonight's dinner was a shepherd's pie. I used ground lamb from the Mennonites and also used a pack of stewing beef from the Mennonites that I "ground" in the food processor. I added thyme, onions, garlic and threw that in the baking dish. As a thrifty housewife measure I added the creamed spinach on top of that, and topped the whole off with the leftover champ. Baked it in a 400F oven for about 1 hour covered with foil and then an additional 20 minutes with some grated sharp cheddar cheese on top. Sided it with some sautéed brussels sprouts:

Took some initiative and hoofed it to the Beaches branch of TPL (which is as tony as you might expect from the location) to sign up the Big Yam for the baby story time. We'll see if we get in - it's a lottery. Picked up some new books for him as well - classic Ezra Jack Keats and Bill Peet and Maurice Sendak stuff - I like the tried and true.

I also wasted A LOT of time on Pinterest today. It's like an online (cloud?) bulletin board/inspiration board for images you come across on your web travels. I find it a more useful Delicious because of the visual element - and most of the time I'm flagging images for inspiration rather than webpages anyway. It's incredible and astonishing how many "me" types there are out there and how similar the aesthetic is. Not that I'm under any delusions that I'm a special star...but the crafty, visually-oriented, terrarium-obsessed, mid-century-modern enthusiast, parent, knitter, cook, thing is a real thing, ya know? I'm okay with it though - it's nice to know that there are more people with similar taste out there sharing the love of all things pretty and cute and whimsical and fun. Although, I am a bit chagrined that my grey-acid yellow home decor colour scheme is catching on.


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