Thursday, March 24, 2011

I didn't get the job

Ah well - it was an enriching learning experience and I've made some good contacts and I've also put out feelers to get some constructive feedback about what I need to work on in terms of my interviewing. It almost sounds like I mean it, right? I just hate hate hate not getting stuff. Boo. I'm disappointed in myself but also relieved that I don't have to cut my maternity leave short and that I have a job I love to come back to. I'm also disappointed that all my interview preparation meant that I didn't get my late assignment done in the time I had earmarked for it during March Break and now I'm scrambling to get it done during regular time.

Moving on, a funny story involving a characteristically Dotytron bon mot. While we were in Geneseo, my mum emailed me a photo requesting that we buy the following item for her from Bed Bath and Beyond because the handle on hers broke:

The Dotytron and I embarked on our mission with no small amount of trepidation - as I've mentioned before, I come from a fairly liberal, extremely sex-positive family, so we had no idea what kind of humiliating shopping encounter we were being set up for. We entered Bed Bath and Beyond and I had the unenviable task of attempting to describe a device about whose function I had NO inkling (in characteristic my mum sending an email fashion - no details provided but the photo) to a well-intentioned employee so that I could ascertain its whereabouts.

We got to the "personal care" section and I spied it on the shelf. Guys, it's a "Roll A Lotion" (a body lotion applicator):

I grabbed it, showed it to the Dotytron and explained the usage to him. He stared at me with his mouth agape and then said, "Good God. What kind of relationship does this woman find herself in?" LOLOLOLOLOL!!! So funny.

Yesterday I trucked with the Big Yam through that crazy freak late-March snowstorm to go with my friend M to visit our friend G who just had a baby last week. M & G are friends from my Canoe days. G's baby looks like a mini Reverend Al Sharpton (but I didn't tell her that). So wee! I can't even remember when T was that wee - 6lbs 7oz (technically, T was never that tiny). The Reverend Al had a thick head of hair, a chill disposition and scrawny little limbs. We were remarking on what a crazy time we worked together and how many of the people we knew went on to open their own places. Porchetta & Co., Bobette & Belle, The Black Hoof, Campagnolo, Lucien, OMG Baked Goodness - they're all people I either worked with directly at Canoe, or who were part of the Oliver Bonacini empire while I was there. In other cooks-days news, I found out that two of the Toronto contestants on the Canadian version of Top Chef are people I worked with. I wasn't going to watch the show - I'm leery of Canadian iterations of AMAZING American reality programming (I have an instant aversion to Canadian low grade production values) but now I'm intrigued enough to tune in. That said, it's just going to be so sad and pathetic. Who are their guest judges going to be? How are they going to find people on par with Wylie Dufreshne, or Joel Robuchon? How is our host, Thea Andrews, going to possibly hold a candle to Padma? Ugh. I'm already experiencing displaced embarrassment.

Last night I used the leftover corned beef and turned them into panini'd reuben sandwiches, sided with my not-very-good first batch of dill pickles from the summer (not crisp enough and too vinegary) and that pecan, spicy cheese, apple, greens, maple vinaigrette salad:

Tonight we had a chickpea, leek, and parmesan soup kicked up with chilis, alongside a salad of mixed baby greens, roasted carrot, blue cheese, and walnuts in that maple vinaigrette.

Academic book club tonight - we read The Bone Cage - full review to follow.


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