Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Laugh out loud

at my kid singing along to "Jolene" this morning when I fired up some country pon the Youtube. The Boobla was fixated on the screen and cooing along - it was hilarious.

Dolly is amazing. I feel like I've posted that video before, but it's worth a repeat rinse. I also fired up The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down by the Band. I really have to see The Last Waltz (which is the source for the above clip), which is a concert from the Band in the 70s. I'm inspired to do some checking out of country music - after watching Winter's Bone and seeing some of the acts in the Grammy's on Sunday, that songwriting and emotion really speak to me (you know, a Chinese Canadian growing up in the suburbs obviously has a genetic predisposition to mandolin and steel string guitar and dobros). I'm pretty sure I must have linked this video before too, but it's an all-time fave. There have been more than one occasion when the Dotytron and I have been driving down to Geneseo and either the Dixie Chicks version or the Stevie Nicks version comes on the radio and we both start bawling. I love that the Dotytron is so emotive. It's the cutest:

There was talk of how that tune would work as a funeral number but the Dotytron vetoed it...too sad (which is true).

In a bit of a tonal shift, here is a video of the Boobla in his Jolly Jumper, getting down to Usher:

And here's a photo of him raising his head (with the assistance of a pillow) with an expression on his face that's all like, blasé and "welcome to Masterpiece Theatre" and all like, "but of course I can raise my head, it's no big deal"

Finally, a picture of last night's dinner, fake eggplant parmesan sandwiches. It was supposed to be a healthier rendition. Instead of breading and frying the eggplant slices, I drizzled them with oil and seasoned them and baked them in the oven at high heat, flipping them halfway through until they were nice and soft. Layered it on a split long potato bread smeared with garlic butter (unhealthy check one!), topped the slices with homemade tomato sauce and grated mozzarella cheese (unhealthy check two! - mostly due to quantity) and then topped it with some panko breadcrumbs that I also drizzled with oil (to replicate the crunch of the breading and frying, without the added step) and popped the whole thing open faced into the oven. Sandwiched it together, cut it into three and we were done. It was pretty intense. Like garlic bread to the max:

Naptime sleep-training seems to be working okay so far. With some built-in flexibility. We're trying to do 2 two hour naps a day and have him in bed by 9:30pm. It worked okay yesterday, but he skipped morning nap because we hoofed it on TTC to visit my friend H and sweet baby D and he was all like, "whattup sketballs on public transit?" and too wired to sleep. He's been waking up closer to 5am since we implemented the earlier sleep time, but I figure eventually his belly will be able to hold a bit more and it'll tide him over consistently. 7-8 hours of consecutive sleep from a 4 month old is pretty darn heavenly, so I'm not going to fuss over it.


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