Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sorry, SMckay!

Apologies to Smckay, who noted that I omitted the quantity of butter in the Baked Brownie recipe (it's widely available on the internet, but I've fixed the recipe anyway). Thanks, eagle eye!

We had an amazingly full weekend here - we're so lucky. We had dinner on Friday night with R and R and Bwong at Chako's and talked about the school yard game REDASS and Sir Francis acon and turning teenagers into nihilists, all whilst grilling up quantities of delicious beef, pork, lamb, and chicken and loading up on mango pudding and red bean pudding. We're thinking of starting an adult REDASS league. I think it'd be pretty hilarious. Picturing The Dotytron cringing in terror facing a school yard wall is pretty funny stuff. The bonus part of eating in York Region with these guys is that my mum and Big D get the chance to babysit Master T. And by "babysit" I mean that my mum has an opportunity to then berate me for all the things I'm doing wrong (namely, all my hippie, mama dread stuff like the cloth diapers, the itchy knitted clothing, the bulky pacifier clip, etc., etc.)

Saturday morning we woke up to another snowstorm, which means that we hung around the house taking the tree down (sad!) and worked on our respective projects (me: reading for school; The Dotytron: report cards) and I had a giant breakdown and lost my s**t when The Dotytron spilled his gourd filled with mate (what SMckay refers to as his "sludge) all over the living room floor and on our yoga mats and on my tree skirt. It was a MESS. That sludge is not kidding around. It's like green dust and it gets on everything and STICKS. The Dotytron is notorious for always putting down vessels filled with his special drinks on the edges of tables. This in itself is not really worthy of notoriety were it not also for the fact that he is also well known for being a bumbling, clumsy, gangly oaf with a propensity for knocking things over. The two character traits working in tandem means that he knocks over a lot of beverages. Notable fact: it makes my outlaw bro lose his mind when people knock over drinks. Hilarity ensues.

Then we all went to our friend Lolly's birthday party, where Master T was a total trooper and charmed everyone with his droopy cheeks and the fact that he was totally un-shook and calm when everyone yelled "SURPRISE!" at the top of their lungs. He was incredible. He was also almost the same size as another baby at the party who was almost 6 months old. I mean, the other kid's head was bigger, but in terms of body length and mass, approximately the same. Ai-yi-yi! I've packed away all his 0-3 month clothes but he's almost busting out of the 3-6 month size!

We also set up a gmail account for him this weekend. We've been meaning to do it for a while. Came up with the idea a month or so back...I thought it might be a good idea to lay claim to his online identity before some other person took it and I also thought it would be fun to send him weekly emails that he could read when he was older. Stuff like, "you were being a royal pain the arse today, because of x, y, z" or, "you had your first taste of udupi dhal today!" At Lolly's party her mom had her baby book out and it was cute to read through - her mom was intensely thorough! Waking, sleeping, eating (time and which boob!), Lolly's mood - it was pretty sweet. I didn't mention that her mom is the cutest and totally made a giant Moroccan feast for about 30 people! Who does that?!!? We have a baby book for T but we're going to have to reverse engineer the thing - apparently you're supposed to be keeping a log THROUGH your pregnancy and now we keep letting it slide so we have to back-date a bunch of stuff and guesstimate dates for things.

Sunday we did some more work and then dumped Master T at Momma and Poppa D's house and went to see True Grit. I LOVED this movie. Unlike Aronofsky, the Coen brothers retain their directorial stamp even as they venture into different genres. This film fell somewhere between the madcap slapstick of Oh, Brother and the sombre, near-nihilistic violence of No Country for Old Men, with the heart of The Big Lebowski. They love their sun-bleached, arid settings and this salty, whip-quick Western depicted the wide, no-nonsense landscape of the frontier States beautifully. The warm, softening glow of fireside talks gives way to the harsh, stripping light of day. The whole film is anchored by a lovely performance by new actress Hailee Steinfeld, who handles the fantastic, intelligent dialogue with a preternatural aplomb and grace. I'm going to say it, her performance in my view, is far better than Natalie Portman's in The Black Swan. I kind of thought Portman over-acted a touch, in much the same way as Jeff Bridges, as the "Rooster" here adds a touch too much drunken listing exaggeration to his role. All in all, I thought it was near-perfect and immensely enjoyable. So far, of the Best Picture lock-ins, I'm rooting for it over The Social Network and The Black Swan, but I think Toy Story 3 should win over them all. Have yet to see The King's Speech (don't really feel like I have to - I can pretty much already see the whole movie in my head), Blue Valentine, Somewhere, and The Fighter.

I'm feeling exceedingly lucky button-ish lately...surrounded as we are by so many dear friends, both old and new...our social network is rich, not to mention the incredible support we've been getting from our families. We're so grateful to have both our parents within the GTA for the ready babysitting (ha!) and that Master T gets to grow up with so much love around him.

Sunday breakfast was over-easy eggs with chimichurri (where were we before chimichurri entered our lives?), bacon, and challah toast.

Tonight for dinner we're having pasta carbonara with a simple salad.


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