Sunday, January 09, 2011

the snowy weekend

oh me oh my, what a lovely weekend we had here. it started on friday with a nice walk in little italy with the boobla snuggled up in the ergo with our friend S. we stopped at the sicilian cafe and ate tartufo and then we spent an unseemly amount of money on new glasses from rapp optical. my old glasses (which i haven't seen hide nor hair of since the summer) are about 10 years old so it was time for an upgrade. was it time for an upgrade to something that cost 1/10 of what our car cost? that i don't know. i will say though that rapp has some of the most unique frames around and the salespeople are top notch - really focused and experienced and offer quick, unbiased advice and opinions.
i had gone in wanting those updated hipster-y vaguely academic frames...the slightly larger buddy holly style in a tortoiseshell. and i found a pair that looked pretty good on my face, but then she whipped out this other pair, and i dunno what happened, but it was instant match made in heaven. there were a few other things at play that day. i wore my hair down, which i almost never do, because i have bushy, thick, unmanageable, horse hair that doesn't do what i want it to do, but for some reason, friday it was behaving and framed my face with lovely waves. i also put on a bit of makeup to go out and went i went into rapp, i looked like a person again, a real, live, potentially pretty person. someone who could be considered attractive and not wan, pale, harried and over-tired. i don't know if the salesperson at rapp played me like a fiddle, but when she said that i was easy to fit with frames and that you could throw anything on me and they would work, it certainly made coughing over wads and wads of cash on frames easier to swallow. playing to a new mom's long subsumed sense of vanity will do that for you, i guess. it also helps that my vision care will foot half the bill.
so we did that, and then i came home to the dotytron and cooked up a meal of meatloaf (pork, beef, veal) with ginger maple carrots, and mashed acorn squash. the meatloaf was perked up with some of my cranberry, apple, pear relish:
saturday morning we awoke and wonders of wonders! almost a foot of snow lay blanketed across the city. it was completely unexpected (i have no idea what's going on in the wider world these days) and so the dotytron called in to his saturday lesson and i baked us blueberry muffins and make fried eggs with english bacon and chimichurri on a pita for breakfast:

then we headed out on the slushiest grocery mission ever, followed by back to back massages, followed by epsom salt baths, followed by the discovery of a small leak in the bathroom into the kitchen. thankfully, our kitchen is a write off and is not long for the world, but i still gotta call a guy to come and take a look at it.

le sigh. on sunday morning we headed to the weston golf and country club to have brunch with nany. how lucky is master T to have the opportunity to be kissed and cuddled and to get to know his great nany? pretty damned lucky. she also taught me the basics of crocheting and we recorded her reading "the night before christmas" in one of those hallmark recordable storybooks i love that lady. look at the two of them, best buds 4ever:

we had l'army and the roomie over for a simple dinner of seafood chowder (salmon, mussels, shrimp, clams), bread, and salad:

and the roomie told stories from the birth of master T that i had completely forgotten/blanked out. the most notable one involved me turning to my lesbian midwife, when i was 7 cm dilated, looking her straight in the eye and saying, "S, do me a solid, and fist me open to 10 cm. c'mon. just do it for me." lol!!! so crass and offensive! the roomie was trying to say that when they placed the boobla on my chest that it was love and first sight, and i was like, it's gross. they're covered in that waxy white goo and they smell like skanky undies.

but then look what happens. that wriggling, fat pair of skanky undies turns into this sweet-faced little pudding pop, who is about to turn THREE MONTHS OLD on tuesday. where is the time going?!??! how can i make it stop?!?? stephen hawking, i'm looking at you, here! the little guy is fully busting out of his 0-3 month sized clothes but i'm finding it hard to put them away and move him up a size, so instead i've got him in 3/4 sleeve sleepers that his little toes are wearing away holes in. just kidding. almost that, but not quite. why do they have to get bigger? why can't you always have a delicious, yoghurt-y smelling, smiling, yelping, cooing little mass of soft skin around?

blargh. i feel like time is running away from me.

good thing i had the incredibly STUPID idea to do school while on maternity leave instead of just leaving well enough alone to soak up every minute of the little booger's growing awareness. so dumb.

back to the grind.


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OMG -- I LURVE that last picture of T!