Thursday, January 06, 2011

the comfort of routine

a somewhat frenzied, depressed, scattershot and piecemeal start to 2011 has now settled into something of a routine that seems to be working for all parties in the dotytron lagerfeld household.

the babe has been going to bed around 10-10:30 and staying down until around 6am or thereabouts. the dotytron and i, in light of our respective responsibilities and creative pursuits, have settled on a divide and conquer approach. the dotytron wakes up at 6 and barring any supply teaching responsibilities, does his lesson planning, life-stuff, guitar playing in the morning while the boobla snoozes with me after his 6am feed. when the dotytron comes home at night, we eat dinner together and then he takes over baby duties so that i can work on school, and then we converge again at 9ish to bathe, read, sing, and put master T down.

this is all working so far, but things are going to change. monday and tuesday nights the dotytron isn't home until 8pm, after teaching his private lessons. wednesday nights i have school, and we've all signed up for friday night dodgeball. so it's working for right now, but once things ratchet up, it'll be tough to keep that nice and tidy division of labour going.

my day is divided into two rough chunks of productivity centred around naptimes. in the morning i do my administrative housey type stuff: making phone calls, answering emails, house cleaning. then we either go on an outing or stay in. afternoons are for dinner prep and school work. i wish i wasn't so busy, but i guess that's just our lives right now. i sometimes find myself gazing covetously at ipads and iphones, but then i realize i don't really have the free time to occupy myself with apps. i'm not an app person. there isn't a ukulele practicing app, or a knit a scarf app, or a make a quilt app, or a cook a dinner app, or a have brunch with friends until there is, i don't think i'd get my monies worth. we barely watch tv in this house...our cable bill is a complete wash.

the boobla has started doing this thing which is beyond awesome. well, there are a few things. first: he's super-fixated on me right now. if me and the dotytron are both vying for his attention, he inevitably zeros in on my face and saves a lot of his special smiles for me. he is smiling A LOT. and so much of my day is spent engineering and coaxing out the big, hearty, open-mouthed lappy grins that turn his cherubic face into a conferences of semi-circles. eyes squinting with joy, his little mouth open and gummy, his cheeks lifted and further rounded into edible smooth peachy bites. the other morning, i was feeding him and he looked up at me and made one of his cooing "aahhgahh" noises, that i repeated to him. he looked at me, and you could really see that he was comprehending that i was matching his sound and it thrilled him. we talked back and forth for a while and my heart broke into a billion rainbows. each time i repeated back his noise, he would pause, and you could watch the dawning awareness of his understanding that he was being heard and mimicked...watching the synapses fire and watching his little brain soaking it in was incredible.

i've sent an email off to this organization, roots of empathy, to see if he and i can volunteer to be a "seeds of empathy" family. it's a non-profit organization committed to building community. you basically bring your baby into the classroom of kids on a regular basis so they can watch a kid grow and feel a sense of empathy with others and build a sense of reflexivity. we'll see if i get picked.

we're also going to the open house for the alternative school in our neighbourhood. i know, i know. so flaky and mama dread! the thing is, the alternative school is in the same building as the school we're in district if the kid is heading out that way anyway, why not at least check out what the alternative school is about? the dotytron has been put in charge of "checking out schools" duty and he said that the school has their own facebook page and is SUPER white and flaky-waldorf-y about it. which to me, is all the more reason why they need an inter racial wu-wear-wearing little o.d.b. and his cray-cray, curmudgeon, contrarian, loud-mouth mum. just to mix things up a bit. i've already determined that i'm going to be the scourge of parent council anyway. might as well be tussling with other mama dreads. is there something to be said for your kid toughing it out in public school with the great unwashed? hells, yeah. it worked for me (although going to school in the burbs is a great equalizing factor). but i also thing there's something to be said for your kid going to school and not being overlooked just because he doesn't rest at either end of the spectrum.

anyway, we'll see what we think post-info session. it's a lottery system anyway (how, "waiting for superman"!)

so my mom is reading my blog all the time...and sent me an email with the subject line: "chinkglish" about how i accidentally wrote "one an award" instead of "won an award." lol! thanks, mom. p.s. i'm writing these posts in a frenzy during T.V.'s nap time! cut me some slack!

random story: over the break, my deadbeat dad invited us all over for breakfast at his house with his crazy jacked up wife, lucy. so obviously, my sister feels guilty and obligated to go, s-dawg feels sad for the guy and obligated to go, and i emphatically could care less and am ambivalent about going (i'm mad about wasting a meal while in markham and i'm also mad that my deadbeat da' has suddenly decided to feign an interest in his grandchildren, borne out of retirement boredom and the fact that he married a woman who is an idiot and probably makes exceedingly boring company for the long years of your dotage.) the day before, i had pretty much rallied the troops to make sure we could make our excuses and not have to go, or at the very least, meet him at a neutral location (mcdonald's - our usual meeting spot, where he is notorious for a) not paying for breakfast; and b) ordering and eating his breakfast before we get there).

anyway, i called him and was trying to make our excuses, but he said he'd already bought the stuff for breakfast, and specifically mentioned, "ham, sausages" so then **i** felt bad and said we should go. well, well, well. when we show up, we are treated to a totally insane, immigrant spread of: deli ham (like, not even black forest the cheap, flaccid, pale, blotchy pink stuff in paper thin slices that's been formed into a rectangle), OVEN ROASTED HOT DOGS (immigrant "sausages"?!?), toast that was toasted easily 45 minutes prior, kraft single slices, juice, and peanut butter that has separated into cemented peanut goo on the bottom and an oily slick on top. the dotytron and i were the first to enter, and lucy was bustling around asking us how we wanted our eggs. because it was a whole heap of us (including all significant others AND c-hova) i suggested scrambled eggs because it would be easy for a crowd. "no, no, tell me how you want your eggs, i can do any kind you like," she insisted. the dotytron and i exchanged a wary glance and then put in our usual, over-easy. when the plate of eggs finally emerged from the kitchen to be passed around, i almost vomited. i doubt that a blind manatee could have butchered eggs more. it was comically bad.

master T, showing infinite wisdom, slept through the whole ordeal. the dotytron swears that at one point, he saw the boobla open one eye, take a look around, realize he was still there, and then promptly decide that feigning sleep was his best defense. he was right.

tuesday night's dinner of baked macaroni and cheese was scrumptious - very carb-heavy and cheesy:

last night we had freezer turkey noodle casserole, which had held up amazingly despite being almost 3 months frozen. i sided it with sautéed brussel sprouts and roasted parsnip chips:

bonus shot of the boobla looking like a baby pope:

and now i have to frantically go dust the entire house before he awakes from his morning slumber.


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