Wednesday, December 01, 2010


so i've told you before about how much we love reading "governing ourselves" aka the blue pages aka us magazine for teachers aka the section where the ontario federation of teachers publishes the disciplinary hearings and investigations into their members. we got the latest issues yesterday and it was rife with hilarious examples of teachers on the edge exercising bad judgement.

par example:

- one teacher was "admonished" (their terminology) for writing a poem to a female staff member where he used the words "juicy" and "orgasmic" for letters in her name. (me, howling with laughter: "you realize that that means that the poem was an ACROSTIC?!?)
- another teacher who was "reprimanded" for, among other things, writing comments such as "you suck" "you're lousy" and "you're a reject" on work submitted by ELEMENTARY STUDENTS (!!!!!)
- a teacher who was also "reprimanded" for referring to a colleague as a slut, which he "finger spelled".

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! do you know how long it would take to finger spell the word slut?!?? can you imagine the poor woman, standing there, waiting for him to finish the word, all the while knowing full well what the word was? too too funny. and also sad. they make teachers jump through hoops to get board jobs, and this is who they let in.

my weekend was really fun. dinner with new friends R & R on friday was super hilarious and a fantastic first-time-meeting-up hang. we're slowly building a cadre of crew in york region, which is nice. saturday was a whirlwind of errands before we got together at the roomie's for dinner with our beloved pingy. sunday was an all day recording extravaganza of recording with the dotytron family, which ended in outlaw sis ehmdo laughing so hard she spit out a mouthful of tea on the dining room table. it also resulted in the usual hilarious from momma d, including the assertion that she and poppa d might have been the first people to EVER WALK DOWN THE AISLE TO PACHELBEL'S CANON IN D. lol!!!!!!!!! that statement is typical momma d.

on sunday night we ordered indian food from amaya express. so good! dinner for 4, which could easily feed 6 with leftovers, costs $80 something, delivered. you get the chef's choice appetizers (delicious pakoras with a mint chutney, tamarind sauce, and mango chutney for dipping), the choice of FOUR meat dishes, and the choice of 2 vegetables, 2 basmati rice AND naan. everything was so flavourful and each curry was distinct. the vegetables were fresh tasting and there were some dishes you don't usually see, such as a sweet and sour eggplant and a lime lamb dish. i would definitely order from them again.

on monday dr. rei came over for a big walk and then leftover indian food and a screening of "eat pray love" which was GARBAGE. zomg it was insufferable...i don't really understand how people could have enjoyed the book (my sis, whose taste i trust implicitly, loathed it). first of all, the movie is boring. second of all, that woman doesn't have problems. what she does have is a huge ego and a bad case of whinging. ohhhh, i'm SO SORRY you have no more zest for life. boo hoo. i'm so sorry that you got to take a year off to "find yourself" travelling to italy, india and mothereffin' BALI. crikey. it was terrible, terrible, insulting dreck.

this was much better. a semi-realistic portrait of marriage. i'm the annette bening character - the high achieving, work obsessed, wrangy person the in marriage (hey, we all have a role to play). i wasn't happy that one of the lesbians ends up having a sexual relationship with mark ruffalo's rakish, rangy, cool-dad character (although, who could resist mark ruffalo's scruffy charms?) it definitely detracts from the legitimacy of the lesbian relationship - i mean, i'm all for a spectrum of of human sexual preference, but at the same time, functional lesbian relationships in film (portrayed by big deal hollywood actresses, no less) are somewhat rare, so it's unfortunate that as the dotytron said, "all lesbians want is a deep d**king" (he was joking!) i thought the strength of the movie was in the natural performances from the kids and in showing how marriage is a long, long, slog - filled with many moments, some tender, some contented, some where you're just passively there because that's where you've been for a time. the performances were all really dialed in, especially from the two actors playing the kids and there were some quietly funny moments. i'd recommend it.

today is a day of research for my paper, feeding the chicken boo, heading out to open up an RESP for him, finishing my secret santa shopping, and going to class. it's REALLY about just counting down the hours until we leave for geneseo tomorrow night to spend the weekend with my sis & family and s-dawg and his gf. so excited! i can't believe i haven't seen my sis and rico and my niece and nephews (!) in TWO MONTHS! that's the longest stretch evers! can't freakin' wait to hang out with those guys in one of my favorite places in the world and for master T to meet little big cuz.


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