Saturday, December 11, 2010

the lucky button chronicles continue

first up, allow me to share some of my sister's photos from our weekend in geneseo. don't these two look like they're about to start freestyling?

as my sister put it, my nephew's face says it all in the above photo. lol! he hates babies. i asked him if he gave baby markus a thumbs up or thumbs down and he instantly said, thumbs down. my sis' new car however, got an enthusiastic - and quick! - thumbs up. poor little guy. it must be hard going from being the baby of the family to being the middle child. i grew up the middle child, but i don't think i remember being threatened by the arrival of s-dawg. i just beat the s**t out of him and spent my childhood swanning along, supremely cocky about how smart and capable i was (as you can see, nothing much has changed.)

on friday i finished my latest crafting project, a yarn-wrapped wreath:

modern yarn-wrapped wreaths are burning up the charts on etsy, so in the grand spirit of copying...i copied the idea and executed my own. it's really very easy. because you're wrapping everything onto a styrofoam wreath form, i was worried that there would be sewing, but as it turns out, it's all held together with pins. the hardest and most time consuming part is wrapping the form with the yarn. then all i had to do was dig through my felt stash, cut out varying sizes of circles, overlap them, and then pinch the bottom to make petals and arrange them on the wreath and secure with long, round headed sewing pins. easy! and i guess theoretically i could change the design every year too. i have another, bigger styrofoam wreath form but i think i'm going to put that on hold until next year.

although, after visiting smckay's amazingly gorgeous and huge apartment on friday night with all her cute holiday decorations, it made me want to revisit my no-holiday-tchotchke stance. she has such great taste for all things cute. i think too many visits to white people's houses with questionable xmas house decorations made me wary, so next year i'll be scouring etsy for cute decorative things i can put around the house to make it festive. my plan next year is also to make a homemade felt advent calendar for master T, along with another wreath, and maybe some kind of holiday garland. i absolutely love working with felt. it makes everything look so cute and dear and homespun and best yet: no hemming of raw edges! YAY!

this is wednesday night's lentil curry with the brown rice - it was DELICIOUS!!!:

this is the apple cake i made for smckay's & A3's hannukah/xmas party in guelph. i've made this cake's so dead easy and what i love best about it is - it's all stirred together in a bowl, so i don't have to haul out my mixer for it. because it's made with oil instead of butter (hannukah appropriate!) i don't have to cream anything, so it comes together really quickly - it takes forever to bake, but the end result is tender and filled with bites of soft, cinnamony apples. because i can't leave a good thing well enough alone, i prefer to serve it with a plog of whipped cream and a drizzle of bourbon toffee sauce.

friday was so much fun. i love kdubsguelphtdot crew more than words can say. the only bad thing is that we see each other so infrequently that i'm always left wanting more! we did a secret santa/yankee swap type of exchange, where you get to steal other people's gifts. my contribution this year was kind of a bust. i had committed to buying a pantone mug

and then making a jar of homemade hot cocoa mix, and adding in homemade marshmallows, and homemade cookies. then, a few days prior to the event, we got an email from jsculls warning us to make sure we brought good presents for the yankee swap because she'd just been at a work secret santa where nobody stole anything and everyone got super-lame presents. she ended the email with the line: "and keep your bloody mug with a hot chocolate pack in it!" but by that point i had already committed to the present and i didn't have the time to drag master T around. so let's just say i defo had the worst present under the tree. lol! A3 totally was a sweetheart and came to my rescue and took my gift which was very nice of him.

on saturday the dotytron went and grabbed our tree and dr. rei came over and witnessed the hilarity that is wrestling a tree into the house, giving it a fresh cut, and then straightening it in the CHEAPEST TREE STAND OF ALL TIME. i had wanted dr. rei around for the tree-trimming, but i forgot that you have to let the boughs fall for a full day before you can decorate...the downstairs of the house smells absolutely delicious right now, though, which is the only reason we'll probably never do the fake tree thing - the smell is so fantastic and seasonal. even if you end up cursing your slavish devotion to nostalgia come january, when the tree is nothing but a shell of it's former self and the smell is gone and all that remains is your own post-holiday-pre-work depression and a carpet of brown needles strewn all around.

saturday i also witnessed THE BEST SHOPLIFTING OF ALL TIME! i was at a shoppers and the clerk looked behind me as i was cashing out and said, "sir, sir, could you take that out of your jacket please?" and i turn around and see this sketchy, stringy-haired, middle aged, super-rangy rubby wearing one of those puffy, 80s nylon ski jackets, gaping open, WITH A GIANT TIN OF CHOCOLATE COVERED COOKIES half hanging out of it. when she addressed him, he kind of did this half-skip dodge thing and loped out of the store. it was awesome! he didn't even TRY to hide it! lol!

saturday night was a blissful night spent AT HOME with nothing to do but watch movies and cuddle master T and eat cookies. it was amazing. we had jerk oxtail, with coconut rice'n'peas and sautéed swiss chard and nutella brownies with ice cream:

sunday was an epic day. we slept in, woke up, trimmed the tree and i made us a chorizo, potato, and roasted red pepper frittata:

then we went to momma and poppa d's house so they could visit with master T and we could help them put together an entertainment unit. then we went to J & S's house for a quick visit to drop off and receive xmas cookies. finally, we ended the night at J's bro L's house for an amazing dinner of caesar salad, lasagne with HOMEMADE PASTA and apple pie with ice cream. i was a colossal pig and ate 2 servings of everything, even though i swear the lasagne was like, 6" thick. poor master T kept conking out and waking up in a new house. he was surprisingly cool with it though.

i just keep thinking of how full of love and great relationships our lives are and how lucky we are for it *knocks on wood x 100000000000000000000000000* i'm so looking forward to the two weeks after this one. the dotytron will be on xmas break and the time will be filled with family and friend visits galore.

i mean, i have to write a 20 page research paper somewhere in there...but i'm pushing that to the back of my mind at the moment.


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