Wednesday, December 08, 2010

it's a tough slog

to all the people who said that doing my masters while on mat leave was crazy - yous was right. it's too hard carving out the time, when you've got master T in his 4 states: crying because of upset tummy, crying because he's hungry, crying because he's over tired, the 15 minutes of grace you get of not crying after having spent an hour addressing one of the other three states of being.

but then...but those 15 minutes, you get stuff like this:

and even though the pictures are blurry as all get-out...those 15 minutes of prime time T make it all worth while. things of note in the above photos:

- i love his chubbo, super-distended belly and how cinched it gets by his diapers
- i love his smile, which is now frequently accompanied by a version of cooing. i call it a version of cooing because it's more like baby raptor squawking.
- i love how the second photo is pure, "yesssss!" accompanied by a fist pump.

we've been avoiding doing any reading on 1 month and 2 month milestones, because a half-hearted venture into the fear-mongering annals of "what to expect the first year" made us feel really bad for poor, el chupido, master T. they're saying that he should be able to hold up his head at a 45 degree angle, focus on a small object like a raisin (!!!) and smile in response to us smiling, among other things. when we read through the list of "should be able to, might be able to, may possibly be able to" the dotytron and i turned to each other, tugged on our imaginary collars, whispered "awkward" and then tucked the book away, never to be looked at again. lol! look, i love my wall-eyed dummy of a kid. as the dotytron said, "it doesn't matter, look how cute he is!" to which i replied, "yeah, but there's a statute of limitations on how far that will carry him!" in summation: it's best not to think about it.

so, guess who was a crying mess on sunday night at the thought of the boobla going to sleep in his crib? ME, OF COURSE. blah. because i'm a big softie. because i'm all too aware that the moments are flying by and i want to revel in each and every one of them. because i love waking up and turning my head and seeing his sleeping, open-mouthed little face next to mine. but i've been semi-strong. he's gone to sleep in his crib for the past 3 nights and stayed there for the most part. last night i brought him in with us only because he didn't get up to feed until about 5am and i groggily justified it to myself as okay because it's so close to our waking time.

we just picked up a new set of $20 target flannel sheets that are THE soft and smushy and warm and cozy. oh man, target in canada better be as good as target US, otherwise, what's the point?

i did a very half-assed job on tonight's presentation yesterday. i'm forgoing the powerpoint presentation, even though one of my classmates, when i mused about just doing an oral presentation, turned to me and asked, "how would you do a presentation without power point?" in all seriousness. it's only worth 10% of my mark, so i think i'll do okay. i'm pulling a mid-80s average in the course already. then, in a bid for thrifty-studentness, i'm basically just slapping some headings onto my presentation, reducing the font size to a more reasonable 12pt (i like a large font for presentations) and then submitting that as my research paper proposal. ta-da! then all i have to do is the actual research paper - 20 pages, no biggie, right? *weak laughter*

this is what we've been eating lately. monday night i opted out of making the lentil curry in favour of freezer soup with my new favorite sandwich: grilled aged cheddar (NOT made on the panini press), white onion, and hot pepper jelly. last night i made a big batch of chicken noodle soup for the dotytron who has been whinging about coming down with a cold lately. we ate it with warm, crusty, olive chipotle bread from fred's breads:

tonight is the lentil curry with steamed brown rice.

okay...i have to do a billion NON PRESENTATION RELATED THINGS (thanks, mum for making me edit your paper!) before class tonight.



dr. rei said...

OMG!!!!! BEST PICS!!!!!!!1111

Chicken Boo's Auntie said...

love love love these pics!