Monday, December 20, 2010

holiday buckfest

has officially begun in earnest.

this weekend was intensity in ten cities. friday was a relatively low key evening, with my definition of low key involving pumping out 96 mini red velvet cupcakes, an angel food cake (which was a total, dense, non-angelic gummy bust - it's okay because i only did it to use up 8 egg whites i had in the fridge) and dinner, which happened to be AMAZING! i had frozen some leftover pork shoulder carnitas (pork shoulder braised in milk and orange and oregano until it falls apart, then you fry up the meat in lard so it gets crispy) from a dinner with J & S & L ages ago (pre-master T). i cut up some potatoes and fried them with the carnitas and made tostadas (i fried corn tortillas until crispy) and then topped it with thinned sour cream, diced avocado, salsa, and shredded iceberg lettuce. they were DELICIOUS:

here are the mini red velvet cupcakes:

saturday was mental. i spent an hour or so power shopping in babies r us and joe for little gifties for friend's kids and then the dotytron picked me up, we cleaned house, had a visit from uncle avi:

then got our shiz together to go to a supper club friendsgiving at our friend's B & G's house. look at this table and the spread - it's straight out of a vermont postcard:

so our hosts made the turkey, gravy, brussels sprouts, and roasted parsnips, as well as a DELICIOUS chestnut breadcrumb stuffing. L & B brought a broccoli salad, P & R made mashed potatoes, and L made little french haricot verts bundles tied up in chives, served with a shallot vinaigrette. i made a sweet potato pecan pie, which to my chagrin, we didn't get a chance to eat, because we had to leave early to catch uncle avi's second set at pero lounge.

this is master T with his buddy baby D. baby D's mom fakes like she's all negligent mom, but in fact, is like, mom superstar. we were talking about smells and somehow lavender came up, and she was like, "oh D loves the smell of lavender, i give him a massage after his daily bath with this lavender lotion and he loves it" and i looked at poor master T and i was like, "awkward."

this is what went down in terms of master T's grooming before we left the house. so, i thought i was kind of being awesome implementing an every 3rd day bath. for some reason, bathing the baby seems like a major ordeal for me and the dotytron, even though it literally takes like 15 minutes. so for some reason we're always putting it off, until i finally decided that every 3 days was a reasonable schedule. my other less lazy-induced rationale is that babies don't need to get bathed all that often, and that i don't want him drying out (i was born with pretty sensitive skin.) ANYWAY, so he was due for a bath on friday night, but somehow the night got away from us and he was being an a**hole about taking the bottle so we ended up skipping it. saturday morning i could see that his head was getting greazy with a capital Z (like, the hairs on his head were all delineated in oily clusters) so i said to the dotytron, "we HAVE to bathe him before we go out tonight!" and then somehow the afternoon/evening got away from us and before we knew it, we were already running late for dinner, and i was wailing, "what are we going to do?!???" and the dotytron comes in and says, "okay. how about we give him a hungarian - i'll soap up a washcloth and we'll wash his head and face and then i'll get another wet washcloth to soak up the soap" and i was like, "done!"

so while baby D's mom is fretting over her parenting skills and giving her baby the full daily spa treatment, me and the dotytron are like, letting our baby fester in his own filth and then, when push comes to shove, FAKE BATHING our baby and just basically giving him a head wash to make him semi-presentable. worst. parents. ever.

the good news is that i spent a bajillion dollars on all kinds of bottles and he seems to have gotten over his rejection. of course he loves the super expensive "tommee tippee" (i know. i didn't come up with the name!) bottle that's like, super high tech and looks insane and takes up all the available cupboard room:

so buck. but at least he loves it more than life itself. so we're over that little hiccup, and i can go out to eat and watch movies and leave him with grandparents. woo!

so we had to leave friendsgiving early to catch uncle avi's show. baby's first jazz gig! it was cute. we caught up with a lot of the dotytron's old crew. also, uncle avi's last tune of the night, he called out, "is thelonious in the house?" and then launched into "blue monk" by theolonious monk, which was really sweet:

of course, we didn't get home until 1am and then we had to get up super early the next morning for dotytron family xmas party in oakville.

i dutifully ordered a nice, white-person fancy outfit for master T for his first dotytron family xmas party and of course, once we get him into it, the dotytron turns to me and says, "you know, if we just button the top button he'll look like a latin gangster" so that's what we did:

i call this look, "blood in, blood out" or vatos locos forever!

dotytron family xmas was much food! i ate a billion deviled eggs and crock pot meat balls and stuffed myself with shortbread. then we came home and had a massive family nap. and then we decided to take over momma and poppa d's house so we hustled into the car in our pajamas and took over their living room with their big screen tv.

now we're trying to get back to semi-normal life. i'm supposed to be researching my term end paper but instead i've got a cold and am feeling mad logey. the little boobla has picked it up and spend all night miserable and snuffly. we finally woke up at 4am and ran the shower on maximum heat for 20 minutes and let him schvitz in the bathroom to help him decongest. we're getting a humidifier for his room today and some eucalyptus oil that we can drip into the shower to help him clear the passageways some more. yay for hippie parenting! everyone thinks i'm psycho because i'm also making my own diaper wipe solution. i have to say though, so far, he's been spared diaper rash and i think the cloth diaper/homemade wipes combo works!

it is SO NICE to be off with the dotytron!!! i'm so excited already for march break and the summer - it's amazing to have the both of us off with the bambino. anyway, today i'm going to try to get a leg up on my non-thinking to do list (aka baking my family's xmas dessert, working on master T's xmas stocking). this might sound like procrastination to you. to which i say, "change of subject. i don't got to tell you s**t."


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