Wednesday, November 24, 2010

weirdest and yet most topical dream ever

so last night i had a dream that the dotytron and i were in new delhi staying with these friends of big d's sister. i don't remember much about the place we were staying, except that my dream state must have conflated it with our friend pingy's actual apartment in brooklyn where we stayed in the spring (in the real-deal flesh world, not in dream world). there was one room with soaring ceilings (in dream world) and suspended at various levels on fishing line were these 3 dimensional, wooden owl cutouts that were quite beautiful.

another room had 360 degree views and was built suspended over a cliff overlooking the new delhi landscape (i know new delhi is a city - i've never been there, but in my dream world, the room looked out over mountains that panorama'd into forests). in this room was a toilet. next to the toilet was this thing stuck into the ground that looked like the end of a trumpet (the end the sound comes out of). the long and short of the dream was: i chonged the toilet. lol!!! and evidence of said chonging was made apparent to my own, growing, dream world horror, when water slowly started spilling out of the trumpet thing in the carpet, and seeping across the floor. imagine how embarrassed i was!!! to chong the toilet of hosts that were practically strangers to me! and ruin their carpet!!!

then the dream featured angelina jolie and brad pitt somehow. then i woke up.

the reason this dream is hilarious and topical is because i'm notorious for chonging our home toilet. and then making the dotytron plunger it. and in exchange, in payment for me not having to deal with the disgustingness that is touching the plunger, we struck a deal where each time he performed the service, i would buy him a jar of artisanal honey. we recently changed the deal to make it that each time he had to unclog the toilet, i would pay him $10 towards his gujin (that obscure chinese instrument he covets).

that was probably TMI, but if you're reading this, then you know me, and if you know me, you know that there's nothing i won't blab (over share) about.

ANYWAY. in other random ephemera, on sunday, we were doing our grocery shopping at the big carrot, and the dotytron picked up a new shower know, one of the ones that look like this:

these things have been around for at least like, 15 years, so i technically didn't even have to post that picture, but whatevs.

we're checking out, and the cashier, takes the scrubby, scans it, and then says, "oh! this is one of those things for exfoliating, right?" *mimes exfoliating his face with the scrubby* we're like, "uh, yeah" (thinking to ourselves, "where the crap has this guy been that he doesn't know what a shower scrubby is/does?") then he CONTINUES to mime scrubbing at his face (and the scrubby is practically rubbing up against his sallow, gaunt cheek) and says, "they're supposed to be really good at getting rid of dead skin" and we're like, "uhhh, yeah" and then, STILL MIMING, he goes, "i bet they REALLY do a good job!" and finally stops and we finish the transaction and grab our stuff and leave. as soon as we were out of earshot i turned to the dotytron and said, "i could have used about 150% less of that guy rubbing his junk with the shower scrubby" and the dotytron started like, dry-heaving. it was so gross (and yet, funny, considering how traumatized the dotytron was at the defiling of his shower scrubby.)

on monday for dinner i made us a tater tot turkey casserole, which is as DELICIOUS and trashy as the name implies. cream of mushroom soup mix, defrosted thanksgiving turkey chunks, mayo, onions, mushrooms, celery, all topped with tater tots that i coaxed into oven-baked crispiness by tossing with oil, salt and pepper before strewing on the casserole. it was hella good:


tuesday night was an off day - and by "off" i mean "wendy's" - i had a double bacon mushroom melt combo AND a spicy chicken sandwich. oy.

here's a shot of the banana walnut upside down cake:


tonight i did some more freezer busting (i need that space for xmas cookies, yo!) and reheated up a fig, arugala and gorgonzola quiche i had tucked away. with it i made a baby spinach salad with toasted pecans and a warm bacon-mustard vinaigrette:


on tuesday we tried putting the boobla khan in his crib to sleep. he's been napping in there periodically as i've moved my base camp back upstairs after being ensconced like jabba the hut on the living room couch for the past month. last night was the first night he started the night's sleep in the crib. but then i got all sadface about it. about him growing up. about how your days when your little baby can sleep in bed with you and you can fall asleep with the sound of their sweet breathing in your ear are limited. how he's not going to be so soft and cute and squishable forever. so as soon as he woke up for his middle of the night feeding, i hustled him back into our room and our bed. i'm a total co-sleeper! what happened to my ideals? but i defy you not to smuggle this cargo into your bed either:

here's a bonus shot of master T, featuring cute little baby toes:

buh. my defenses are useless against that level of artillery.



Nicole said...

i'm lol-ing over that scrubby story. AND love the pics

dr. rei said...

Yeah that scrubby story is pretty hilarious...I can't understand why the guy felt he had to mime for that

Obviously Master T is getting cuter the open eye pics.r

Chicken Boo's Auntie said...

you are a total sucker!! of course, if I had a year-long mat leave, I would probably revert to co-sleeping myself!! LOL!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

guys, if you had only SEEN the guy getting all his gross dead skin cells all over our scrubby, it makes the story that much funnier. he was wearing eyeliner!