Thursday, November 11, 2010

remembrance day

an enormous outpouring of gratitude for the greatest generation. as these veterans get older and older and as the horrors of world wars become more and more remote - it's important to remember what they did for us and the sacrifices they made, and how unlikely it is that the cosseted, coddled, subsequent generations that followed would have the courage, self-sacrifice and fortitude to do the same.

today also marks the one-month birthday of the boobla khan who entered our lives and obliterated all memory of what came before and for whom i would find the courage, self-sacrifice, and fortitude to protect and preserve.

i'm sorry that grandpa reid and poppa didn't get a chance to meet their great grandson but i know their legacy lives on - both in the mystery of the little tiger's genetic code and in his ability to live in this world as it is.

a world where he can feast on boob and collapse into a blissful, milk-drunk stupor in a little bear-printed sleeper:

one day, we'll take him to visit his great grandpas and explain to him why they were such amazing men and how important it is for him to live up their legacy.


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