Sunday, November 07, 2010

lucky buttons galore

wow. so far it's been a humdinger of a weekend.

friday our friend S came for a visit with the boobla khan and then dr. rei showed up with her friend L and then my MOM showed up (totally forgot she was coming by) and then the dotytron came home from school so it was a full house of visitors showering love on the the little chicken. my mom was also being hilarious and chatty and turning on the charm and we got to regale people with stories of how the dotytron's very existence basically puts big d on edge. like how everything the dotytron touches at my parent's house in markham basically sends big d off into a tailspin of anger. lol!

par example, on the topmost shelf of the kitchen cabinets where my parents keep their glasses, they have like, novelty plastic glasses shaped like the CN tower from 1984 or something. one time, the dotytron had the temerity to take one of those glasses to make himself a drink, and then he got yelled at by big d. lol! on the same shelf, big d also has a collection of mini-booze bottles (like from airplanes and stuff) and one time, the dotytron asked if he could use one to make himself a drink and big d yelled at him (do you see a trend here?) big d has also yelled at the dotytron for making himself an espresso with my mum's espresso maker, which fulfills the "big d yelling at the dotytron" conditions: 1) the dotytron is involved; 2) drinks are involved. lol!!! it's actually comical how often big d yells at the dotytron.

saturday was a little buckshot - got up, took the boober to the danforth to do some grocery shopping came home, the dotytron went for a massage, i went for a massage, came home, met up with smckay and the 3000 for some hair cutting and visiting...look how cute they are with the bambino:

adorable, huh? then we went to meet the rest of the kdubsguelph tdot crew for uncle J's birthday dinner at yamato in yorkville.

this was an informative experience. informative because it reiterated AGAIN how much longer it takes to leave the house when you have a baby and also of the shortcomings and failings of my leaving-the-house-for-an-extended period preparedness skills. for example, the little guy blew ass at the restaurant, and the backup outfit i have in the diaper bag is a little skimpy for the cold weather. or, i brought all the components for my breast pump, EXCEPT the actual part that connects to the boob, which means that by the end of the night, we were dealing with a little of the ol' leak-through-the-top bizness:

so classy, eh? on the plus side, look at what a bangin' job smckay did on my hairs. on the negative side, look at how wall-eyed my boobs are. they're practically in two different area codes. i needs me some nursing bras, stat. being unable to pump also meant that my boobs were filled with rocks by the end of the evening - watching a little baby try to nurse on super-engorged boobs is so sad. it's the equivalent of the squirrels who keep valiantly trying to eat the pumpkins - their mouths are too damn small for the everest they're attempting to conquer.

anyway, because of the giant clusterf**k that was us leaving the house (which included forgetting uncle J's present at home - nice!) and the dotytron's colossally poor judgement call to take the MOST CONGESTED AND TRAFFIC LIGHT HEAVY ROAD OF ALL TIME there, we were about 15 minutes late - to a restaurant. in yorkville. on a saturday night. a restaurant that has an intensely axis-of-evil maitre d' and the most s.s. reservation policy known to man. they'll hold your reso for 15 minutes and ONLY seat you once the whole party is there. so of course, everyone else was there except for us. and they were all seated and the maitre d' refused to accommodate us, even though there were EMPTY teppanyaki tables elsewhere - or tables that only had a couple sitting there who had clearly just been seated and could have switched tables with us so that we could all sit together. but no. so we were all dejected and the four of us sat on the sushi side. you know who was totally unflappable throughout the whole situation and made us look like a star? this guy:

we made the best of it though and it ended up being a really fun time. we were so mad at the restaurant that we were being hilariously jokey about occupying the table for AS LONG AS WE G-D PLEASED and ordering one dish at a time and maybe doing a dine and dash (we didn't).

can i just say that smckay is an amazing person? her ability to get s**t done and mcguyver a situation is simply beyond. the little guy blew a** at the resto and i wasn't going to change him but smckay scoped out the situation, determined that there was a narrow sliver of counter that we could use between the two sinks in the women's bathroom and we hustled him in there. once there, the counter was SOPPING wet (because they had those stupid sinks that SIT ON TOP OF THE COUNTER - i hate those sinks!) and the paper towel dispenser was all jammed up. smckay breaks into the paper towel dispenser, thinks about throwing away the key to give the ol' finger to the restaurant and their stupid reservation policy, but decides against it, and we strip down the little guy who has sharted EVERYWHERE. she grabs his backup outfit and i'm in the middle of using a billion wipes to clean up the mess when she suggests that we wash off his little butt in the fancy pants yorkville sink ON TOP of the counter. so we do. much the amusement of the two nice ladies who came into the bathroom to pee and found that the whole hand-washing area was taken up by a nuclear poo, a billion wipes, soggy paper towels, a baby who'd practically been sponged-bathed in the sink, and a stinky diaper.

then we trooped over to lolly's place and hung out there, so in the end, we did get to spend time with everyone even if we were put into the sushi-side internment camp of yamato. baby's first experience in yorkville, what what!

watching everyone coo and cuddle the little boober made my heat melt. he got passed around from hand to hand and this morning i got all weepy looking at all the photos from last night, seeing everyone holding him and thinking about how he doesn't even KNOW how lucky he is to be born into an extended family of people who love the crap out of him just because he's around (and showing no overtly a**hole-y tendencies - yet.) i seriously was tearing up telling the dotytron how lucky the boober is and the dotytron was like, "well, it's our job to let him know how lucky he is to have this network, and to feel sympathy for people who don't have this sheer wall of love surrounding and supporting them." wise words, dotytron. i'm so excited to share the next phase of my life with these amazing people we have in our lives - to love the crap outta their kids and smush the 2nd generation of us and our connections and to see the little boober grow up with this crew of friends - this is the stuff that makes life so amazing and miraculous. to see these connections continue to grow through time, to see relationships and friendships deepen, to see the love your family and friends will have for your kid just because YOU made this little being happen - it's the best. seriously the best. like love transformed into a giant polar fleece slanket giving you the hug you need to face the cold winter of life.

so many lucky buttons gathered together!



Chicken Boo's Auntie said...

Love the stripes on him!!

Chicken Boo's Auntie said...

PS - Love the haircut!