Thursday, November 04, 2010


randy macho man savage pose! incidentally, the dotytron determined a long time ago, that the "bananarama bo bama" song that you sing where you insert someone's name and riff on it (do you know what i'm talking about?) unequivocally DOESN'T work when you use the name "randy macho man savage" - it's the one exception to the rule - you know, the bananarama bo bama song rule.

well, feeding like a demon is causing SOMEONE to chunk up. he's a little less scrawny chicken in the limbs and his torso and head are getting all filled out. it makes him even MORE kissable than he was before. we love kissing him. my life is like a pulp science fiction/horror movie now - i birthed something whose appetites far exceed mine. for the past three nights he's been only up twice in the night - we're hoping the good luck streak continues.

in other news: i fired off my midterm today. the prof made a special allowance and gave me a take home, open book version of the mid term. i had to answer more questions than my classmates who did the in-class version. it felt good to get back into the groove of academic b.s.-ing - my specialty. i did 2/3 of it last night and finished off the final 1/3 this morning in an hour or so. it felt like a re-entry into the real world and it was nice knowing that i could cross another activity off the school checklist, and that i could manage to do it with the boobla khan only being less than a month old. i'm feeling pretty optimistic about my abilities to stay on top of this degree during mat leave.

in OTHER other news - GUESS WHO I SAW TODAY during my daily constitutional with master star eyes? THAT MEDIA PERSONALITY that was hitting on me in the grossest way imaginable earlier this year. convergence! there was a stabbing around the corner from our house (it was an isolated domestic situation, no worries) - actually, the story is kind of hilariously wonky. the dude accused of the stabbing was out on bail for another stabbing! and the people he stabbed are thought to be the people who posted bail for him but then wanted to withdraw. the people who got stabbed are okay, which is what makes me saying "lol!" okay. ANYWAY, i stopped with the stroller and was trying to ascertain what had happened when i met the dude's eyes. he looked at me, i smiled in a friendly fashion, and then HE PROCEEDED TO PRETEND NOT-KNOW ME. you know how you can tell when someone totally recognizes you and then makes the call to pretend not-know you? this was a clear cut case of that. ah well, the most important thing is that he knows i was preggos. it was becoming a running joke that i hadn't run into him at work since starting to obviously show and then the chicken boo came early so i didn't get to stake him out and act all nonchalant about my knocked-up state. best!

on tuesday night i made us a pretty boss dinner. i roasted delicata and acorn squash in a high oven in rendered pancetta fat with torn up sage leaves and garlic and then tossed this, the reserved crispy pancetta, some pasta cooking water, and parmesan cheese with whole wheat pasta. i also made us a wintery salad of chopped belgian endive with pan-roasted pears chunks, dried cranberries, and toasted walnuts in a maple vinaigrette. i'm loving dried fruits and nuts in wintery salads lately - i used to hate the idea of dried fruit in things but i've totally come around:

tonight and last night were leftover busting nights in attempt to rid fridge of backlog...however, as a treat to myself for getting my midterm done, i made chewy chocolate chip cookies with skor bits in them:

i've got some movie reviews and book review for yous...but in the meantime -

roll call of awesome:

the it gets better project and the outpouring of support for this initiative makes me cry. more correctly, the fact that this project had to come about to give hope to LGBT kids in freakin' small minded towns who are being bullied by total a**holes who are terminally unhot, uncool, and giant losers makes me cry. it's beyond upsetting to me that awesome kids are letting losers determine their lives and don't have the support system to know how those po dunk jerkwads are po dunk jerkwads.

i dressed up the boobla khan in a pretty flaming, cruising-the-strip-in-miami onesie today and the thought of him being bullied if he turns out to be gay infuriated me. for his sake, i'm glad that he's going to grow up in toronto, with me and the dotytron for his parents - because i know we'll support the f**k out of him and that if anyone ever messes with my kid, i'm going to make their lives a living hell. i'm really good at that. and yes, it will probably embarrass the hell outta my child to have to witness his parent dressing down and verbally harassing ANOTHER child, but you don't mess with me and mine. i will mess you up good. mark my words.

i just wish all these underdog kids everywhere had someone like me in their corner.

on a somewhat related tip, "rainbow connection" is one of the best songs ever written. hand's down. this also makes me cry.


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