Wednesday, November 10, 2010

9 years

almost a decade a hits with this guy:

i really really really like both of those dudes picture above. but my love for the smaller guy is a tributary of my preexisting love for the big guy, which has been going for 9 years today!

the dotytron is truly a prince amongst men. i called him when he was leaving work yesterday when i was at my wit's end with the boobla, who as i've mentioned, had his brains scrambled from daylight saving time and was up and being fussy pretty much all day. long jags of crying and being inconsolable and not wanting to nap and sharting up a storm. not fun. the dotytron came home and took the reins and let me just check out from mama duty for a while and it was blissful. he changed master T, gave him his bottles, burped him, comforted him, and stayed up with him until about 12:30 in the morning (this despite having to be up for work at 6:30 today) and let me have an uninterrupted stretch of almost 5 hours of sleep.

he's the best. the running gag around here is that i'm probably the most unsuitable candidate for maternity leave ever, while the dotytron is the one DYING to take a paternity leave and it's only due to the vagaries of our employers respective benefits packages that i'm the one who ended up being off for the year. it's like ladyhawk. so tragic!

we're postponing our celebratory dinner until sunday, when momma and poppa d have graciously (and bravely) decided to do their first solo, extended babysitting session. the miracles of cellular mobile phone technology certainly makes babysitting a lot more convenient and stress-free.

so we had a very unsexy, uncelebratory dinner of leftover frozen minestrone with buttered, warm walnut sourdough bread from brick street bakery. leading up the birth of the boobla i stocked up our chest freezer with meals in anticipation of my lack of time/energy for cooking post-partum. because i've bounced back quickly and because i have loads of energy for making dinner, we now have a serious back-log to get through. so a night of freezer busting plus a night of leftover eating (i still haven't managed to figure out cooking for dos) plus all our dinners out with friends/family means that i have like 3 nights a week when i'm actually cooking, which is not nearly enough time for me to crank out all the fall/winter food deliciousness that i want to. le sigh. shouts out to my first world problems.

i did make a concession to the day and ventured out to procure us some day-old cake slices from dufflet in the beaches (thrifty housewife!) which meant that i had a billion heart attacks en route as i drove for the first time in forever, in cranky, it's-dark-at-5pm rush hour traffic along local roads. i'm way too easily bullied as a driver. i was signalling to turn left onto queen from woodbine, after assiduously noting that the signage prohibited left turns between the hours of 4-6pm (it was 6:30pm). i must have checked and re-checked the sign and the clock on the dash half a dozen times. reassured that i was in the right, i moved into the left hand lane and signaled my intention. then i looked in the rear view mirror to see the bro-dawg in the car behind me gesticulating at my car wildly and saying, "WHAT THE F**K?!?" and then he started honking at me. so i got all freaked out and meekly continued on through, which meant that i got caught up in the east-end construction/warren of one-way streets and it took me twice as long to get home. buh. next time imma gonna stick to my guns.

we watched "scott pilgrim versus the world" last night. we both weren't really feeling it. i had a few problems with it:

a) i felt it was kind of racist. the jokes about knives chau (ie. her being called "kung pao chicken") seemed to trade on stereotypes (asian school girl, etc.) that weren't being unpacked in a way that was either clever, or self-aware enough for them not to be slightly distasteful
b) what was the big deal with ramona flowers? why was everyone dogging her? she seemed like a total b***h and her relationship with scott seemed really unbelievable and based on nothing other than her dyed hair and the fact that she was a throwback to the idealized, early 90s grunge goddess
c) speaking of that, the teenagers in this film were sooo anachronistic. are there even teenagers who look/act/behave like this anymore? it definitely spoke more to my teenage experience than a contemporaneous one. this film was so sonic unyon/dinosaur jr./thrift store grunge! kids aren't like that nowadays! and i guess it makes sense because the author of the comic is probably my age, but at the same time, i don't really have the patience to go back to teenage me and get inside the head of stupid white boy world circa me. i think i would probably enjoy the comic more.
d) the visual flourishes weren't my style and i found them distracting - along with the slender plot and the extended fighting sequences. more character development would have been ideal.
e) i just felt really bad for knives, who gets used by scott in multiple ways and then ends up sacrificing her own happiness for his and ramona's. ghey. there were a few one-liners i thought were decently funny - and i did enjoy seeing the toronto landmarks (even if the dotytron was getting on my nerves by calling out all the locations: "pizza pizza" "lee's palace" "sonic boom" - i finally snapped and was like, "I KNOW WHAT THOSE PLACES ARE, TOO") but that wasn't enough to sustain interest in the movie. i can see why it didn't do so well at the box office.


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