Sunday, October 24, 2010

a weekend of firsts

the little chicken boo had his first two restaurant outings in one day yesterday. it was epic. friday night was a bit of a bunk night - he was up every hour on the hour. my mum is like, "he's so smart! on the hour!" and i'm like, "if he wasn't so cute, i would have strangled him." so the dotytron and i hatched a game plan to engineer maximum day time napping yesterday. this meant that for lunch, the boobla had his first ever asian legend outing - this achieved a couple of things: a) we got to eat asian legend and b) the msg-pork-starch explosion meant that we k.o'd for a solid 2 hours once we got home. we basically just ate, napped, and then ate again - making it the best darned saturday i've had in a long time.

supper club was delicious. restoran malaysia doesn't serve alcohol - i guess there's a big muslim population in indonesia/malaysia. the food was tops - we ordered everything to share - we had a bunch of curries, some rotis, green papaya salad, delicious garlic green beans, a noodle dish, cashew chicken - it was epic.

one of the other supper club couples have a 3 month old baby who apparently was giving them troubles in the beginning. he cried solid for the first 30 days and they were rehashing war stories of how hard it is and how they never get sleep and how showering is such a luxury and how the cry of a baby is enough to make you go into panic mode and how it's supposed to trigger a hormone in the mother that makes you pick the baby up. i don't think i have that hormone. lol. i'm always like, "let him cry it out - he's gotta get used to life." or, i'm always like, "the diapers are super-absorbent! don't change him for another 2 hours!" (thrifty housewife? you betcha!)

anyway, i feel bad because our friend L pointed at us, and said, "they say parenting is easy!" and i do feel like we've had an easy go of it so far. yeah, it's rough when he's up every hour on the hour, or when he's cluster feeding, or this morning when he was at the boob for 2 SOLID HOURS and my boobs were all wizened and sad-boob about being milked dry. but i don't really think it's all THAT bad *knocks on wood* *avoids tempting the fates* the thing is, i think my classic survival strategy is that i really sweat the small stuff. the big stuff rarely phases me. so, i'm more likely to get worked up and super anxious and panic attack-y about making sure we do our laundry during the non-peak hours to take advantage of the cheaper hydro rates than i am about the fact that i'm a mom now. it's wack. i seriously will go apoplectic if the dotytron doesn't line up the corners when he folds the sheets - but 4 hours of sleep? no problemo. he's really a good little boobla, too - all things considered. left to his own devices he has a schedule of every 3 hours to feed and he really only cries when he's got an upset tummy or if he's hungry. i dunno - it hasn't been THAT cray-cray so far. we've been able to still see people and do our grocery shopping and make cookies and go to supper club, so it hasn't been all THAT brutal.

i felt REALLY bad when the dotytron mentioned in passing about how he read this study that the key to parenting is containing your anxiety because babies are like dogs and cats and will pick up on your stress and then in turn, get more riled up. after dinner i was like, "ummm...way to make it seem like the other couple were bad parents for not containing their anxiety, buddy" and he was like, "yeah, i felt bad about that - awkward" lol! the thing is, knowing the dotytron, he wasn't trying to be an a-hole, he was just passing along something interesting he came across - unfortunately, the side effect of that information sharing was that he came across as a censorious a**hole, judging other parents for stressing out their kid. lol!

it's been a rainy sunday thus far. this morning we came back downtown, did our grocery shopping en route and i made us fried green tomatoes with peameal bacon and a poached egg with warmed up leftover cheddar sage biscuits for breakkie:

for dinner, we had dr. rei's pozole that she brought over, gussied up with some chopped avocado w/ lime, some crushed tortillas, and some sour cream. we also split a rib eye burrito from chino loco:

i also made us cherry oatmeal cookies from the baked cookbook:

this is the chicken boo photo of the day:

i call this outfit his hospital orderly look. the dotytron made me laugh like a mofo because the other night, he was wearing it, and i was like, "look at what a hospital orderly he looks like!" and the dotytron did this nerdy voice and said, "would you like me to change your bed pan?" and to this day, it cracks me up every time. as dr. rei has said, we thought we liked making up dialogue for movies - making up dialogue and speaking on behalf of the boobla is 10 bajillion times more fun, especially when you're doing it from the perspective of a nerdy, effete, hospital orderly.


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