Friday, October 22, 2010

unintended consequence of having children

okay, you guys know how much i love packing cars, right? oh, you didn't? well, i LOVE packing cars. and i LOVE packing suitcases for vacations. and i LOVE organizing purses. i love doing it so much that we have a whole routine set up when i pack a car where i yell at the dotytron, "think modular!" and then i get frustrated with how he's "not doing it right" and then take over, and then make everyone stop what they're doing and look at how awesomely i packed the car. it's very ritualistic.

one of the best unintended consequences of having a baby is that you spend a CRAPLOAD of time packing and preparing and making sure you have all your shiz together before you go anywhere. even going from upstairs to downstairs requires a mental checklist. this is putting me over the moon. i've got a packed diaper bag, a packed diaper caddy, a packed back-of-the-car-seat-organizer. it's THE BEST! we're supposed to be spending the night up in markham tonight so i've been packing for that. extra outfits, diapers, wipes, washcloths, swaddling blankets, etc. etc. i'm as happy an industrious pig as can be.

the dotytron teaches an early morning private lesson in richmond hill on saturdays, and our supper club is doing a burbs edition at this place, restoran malaysia, to accommodate the burb contingent of the supper club crew, who had a baby in july, so it makes the most sense for us to just decamp to markham for the day.

i made a broccoli cheddar soup and cheddar pancetta sage biscuits for dinner on wednesday:

last night's dinner was kind of rough. it was kraft dinner, a billion hot dogs, and then these random samosas my mum brought over, which had no discernible flavour other than "crispy." it was kind of crazy and salty and not very good for your colon-y.

tonight momma and poppa d are bringing a lentil soup over that has lamb, and bread, and salad for dinner. we're being so spoiled. dr. rei came over today and brought pozole and H and sweet baby D came over for a visit - we had a fun time, gabbing and stuffing baby D with wagon wheels.


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