Friday, October 08, 2010

it's the most wonderful time of the year

i know, i say that EVERY year. but last year i didn't get a thanksgiving because of a little, delicious, heart-warming hiccup known as the dr. rei and hanbo "get hitched or die trying" train. and this year, thanksgiving is a little strange because my sis and outlaw bro and niece and nephew won't be there as they can't travel when my sis is so close to popping out my next niece or nephew.

and as i sit on the cusp of yet another fall and cool nights and a turkey roasting in the oven and pumpkin pie piled with drifts of lightly sweetened whipped cream and lumpy mashed potatoes drowning in a pool of gravy - all i can think is what a difference a year makes.

last year, would i really have thought that by next thanksgiving i would be round like a barbapapa? with a spumante bambino en route? as i was singing my head off to toto's "africa" on the dance floor surrounded by bwong, dr. rei, hanbo and their coterie of friends, would i really have envisioned that my sister wouldn't be joining us at the thanksgiving table or that i would need the dotytron's help getting a turkey in and out of the oven? that things would be so markedly different? that we'd be waiting with baited breath for such a big change? heck no.

i mean, i'm not ignorant to the passage of time - the fact that my niece is a total little person now and that my nephew is no longer the fat chinaman of yore - i expect that if you line up the photos of thanksgivings past we're all looking a little older - but it's hard to keep that in mind when you reach these touchstone holidays year after year. which is why i love them, i guess. there's a reassuring sameness, a sense of continuity, even as the minute details shift within each frame as time exerts its inexorable grip.

and yet, with all that moroseness, there is nothing better than thanksgiving. even if i am feeling bereft that my whole family won't be together, there's the happy chaos of next thanksgiving to look forward to, and the conviviality of this thanksgiving's table to enjoy. i'm enlisting and insisting on the help of my brothers and the dotytron to put out turkey, mashed potatoes, sausage-sage stuffing, peas, maple-ginger carrots, and my family's beloved pillsbury crescent rolls. the aforementioned pumpkin pie with whipped cream. it'll be good. i'm looking forward to it. and i'm also looking forward to the happiness of ANOTHER thanksgiving dinner on sunday with momma and poppa d. at that one, i don't have to do a thing but eat squash & apple casserole and brussels sprouts & carrots horseradish casserole and turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes. and i don't have to fight anyone for the turkey skin, which is all the better as far as i'm concerned. i can skinimax to my heart's content.

tonight the plan is to eat dinner with my mum and possibly chova if he's back from uni - either at phoenix or some equivalent place my mum is recommending. then we're *supposed* to go see the social network with s-dawg and his homies.

last night was a kind of hodge-podge CSA buster of a meal. we had cubano sandwiches (ham, roasted pork, gherkins and swiss cheese on a soft bun, panini'd to melting crispness) with kale chips and the last of the summer tomatoes coarsely chopped and sprinkled with salt and pepper. pretty simple. we washed it all down with big mugs of milk and a demoralizing amount of girl guide thin mint cookies and caught up on our network tv via rogers on demand.

i found out some good news from my program though. my saturday class was originally going to run on november 13th, december 4th, and then take a long hiatus and go in march and april. what with the fatburger's arrival - that would have meant that i probably would have missed 2 of the all day intensives. the prof just suggested that the long lull doesn't make sense, so that we're going to have our november 13th class (which i'll probably miss) and then take up again in february - which means that i'll only end up missing 1 day of class all year. success!

i'll still have to start my research methods class in january - but that's just one night a week, so it should be manageable - bonding time for the fatburger with his grandparents, perhaps?

i hope you all have a fabulous long weekend filled with eating, family, friends, and love!


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