Wednesday, October 27, 2010

if i was going to get hitched anyway...

i might as well have gotten hitched to a really great guy. way to go, me of 2009, way to go. and while we're at it, way to go, me of 2001 (for having the good judgement to recognize a good thing when i see it), way to go.

tuesday night we were settled into bed for the evening and out of nowhere, the dotytron gives me a handmade card that he crafted when he arrived early at his after school program. it's SUPER after school program crafty. like, 2 pieces of coloured construction paper glued together (it gives the card a nice amount of body) with some relief work cut outs on the front (in the shape of a sun) and writing in multicolour clicky pen on the inside. pretty amazing. it was also hilariously addressed to "my hawaiin mama" - he only realized the spelling error after it was done. and along with the card, which was really sweet, i got an early xmas prezzie! i am now the proud owner of my very own ukulele. he got me a really nice one, too! not a $20 cheapie - this one is really nice wood. the ukulele present has been in the works for a while - the dotytron believes that the instrument matches the particular childlike baby chicken character of my singing voice. lol!

monday night i made us irie pumpkin stew, with coconut rice'n'peas with stewed beet greens:

tuesday night we had leftover lamb and lentil soup made by momma and poppa d. with warm baguette and butter and a quick pickled cucumber and red onion salad - it was PERFECT rainy, cold, fall day food:

tonight i made us a pork, tofu, and chinese stir fry greens (so labelled by the good folks at our CSA) in a chili black bean sauce with brown rice:

here's your chicken boo photo of the day. my sis totally freaked me out today by mentioning that he's going to be THREE WEEKS OLD on monday! wtf!? in 11 months he'll be walking! time is going too darned fast...i'm starting to see the appeal of 19 kids and want them to stay at every stage of their babyhood forever. what you really want is 1 that stays a baby and 1 that gets older so you get the best of both worlds...this year is going to fly by...*sniff*

it's blurry...but that stinkeye is classic and 100% his mater.

academic book club monday night was DRAMAS! i showed up late because i was hitching a ride with another lady in the club and we had to wait for the dotytron to come home with the car seat butt. we missed all the tension but one lady is dropping out! what the?!?? there was some interesting discussion about parenthood - the group is pretty much split. there's me and J on one side, who feel next to no anxiety about our parenting decisions, and on the other side are the mums who are all super-stressed out and analyze everything they do for fear that they're going to mess up their kids. i told them, "the way i figure it, kids are pretty resilient - look at those ugandan child soldiers! if those guys can bounce back, anyone can" lol! so i figure, as long as i can keep my kid out of child soldier territory, that's a pretty good yardstick to be measured by.


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