Thursday, September 16, 2010

guys, i sound like an ungrateful jerk

griping about my stupid registry.

i'm sorry.

i came into work today super-pumped to be wearing my lady-boots from last year only to find that they're so tight they not only gave me a blister but ALSO aggressively drilled a hole through my favorite pair of grey cotton tights in the process. and the blister hurts so much that i can't wear any of my work flats in the boots' stead.

so now i have to get the dotytron to meet me at work with the box of work shoes that i had put in the car and which he, in his infinite oblivious wisdom, has neglected to take out of the car (despite my repeated exhortations to do so) for the past week, so that i can retrieve my birkenstock clogs out of there and limp my way to book club.

the hurty-ness of the blister coupled with my latent fear that these lady-boots that i only bought LAST WINTER might never fit again because my feet might be fulfilling their pregnancy imperative and turning into canoe paddles has made me a right grump.

gifts are gifts and i'm a lucky button to have so many people in my life who want to show their love to the fatburger. and that means that i'm ever so grateful for the generosity of spirit exhibited by those near and dear to my heart.


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