Thursday, September 09, 2010

grad school

every time i remember that i'm starting another grad degree i'm kind of like: "wtf?" like, it somehow manages to catch me off guard more than the fact that if all goes according to plan i'm going to be welcoming the New Kid on the Block in a short little while.

seriously guys, double yew tee eff.

tonight is orientation. which is MANDATORY. as is CLASS ATTENDANCE. we've had no less than THREE emails from his royal highness the program director himself stating in no uncertain terms that attendance is compulsory. i'm like, "excuse me?" this is grad school, not kindergarten. i'm paying YOU. it's up to ME if i want to show or not.

this just leads me to believe that they have an inferiority complex about being fake grad school for working stiffs and have had attendance problems in the past because they're dealing with people WHO ALSO HAVE FULL TIME JOBS and don't have the time or patience to sit through silly lectures on "constitutional law" that are verbatim re-presenations of power point slides being projected directly behind the speaker.

i can't decide how much of a jerk i'm going to be at orientation tonight. i want to raise the issue that it's ridiculous to make class attendance mandatory at a graduate level as we're ALL responsible for our own education and this is a program geared towards working professionals so how can they possibly expect perfect attendance? in consultation with my friend K, i think the tactic i'm going to take is to broach the issue by asking what are the repercussions of you don't attend every class? like, is it i don't get my degree bad? or you just REALLY REALLY REALLY PRETTY PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU want me to be there and are using scare tactics to make that happen?

DID I MENTION THE ORIENTATION IS BEING HELD ON CAMPUS AT YORK? which happens to be IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERESVILLE?!? also, york university is totally sexual assault alley. the dotytron gave me a fox 40 whistle and a matching lanyard so that i can whistle the crap out of anyone who even looks at me funny. it's actually kind of sickening. like, york is super-lefty and cray-cray enough to have a TRANSGENDERED bathroom option but they can't make their campus safe from r-ing?

as you can see, i'm totally going into this with the right attitude. stuff is kind of bats**t insane at work right now - i have a billion projects on the go and barely enough time to get through it all. this rinky dinky degree is literally the last thing on my mind.

this is how i feel about mandatory orientation sessions:

zomg! how cute is that kid?!? "mi nah gi har nuh more milk fi put inna di cornflakes"



Big Sis said...

LOL! So you found that video! Mi dun mi dun mi dun!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

were you telling me about it? tillers posted it on fb a few days funny!

Big Sis said...

This was the video I told you my friend Mel B told me about!