Monday, September 13, 2010

catching up

so i've been m.i.a. for the last little bit. here's a capsule review of what i've been up to.

- york orientation was THE BIGGEST BUST OF ALL TIME. seriously. i had to sit through introductions of the professors and then the graduate research coordinator for my program gave a 30 minute speech about how "research is valuable" (who is saying it ISN'T?) and how you can find all sorts of wonderful ideas for research projects from reading the newspaper. i walked out after 20 minutes and was so pissed at them for wasting my time that i made the dotytron pick me up at the subway station and ferry me to dairy queen where i took out my frustrations on a oreo brownie explosion, a hot dog, and an order of onion rings.

- friday i had planned on cooking a duck to make space in our freezer and then managed to turn the whole enterprise into a rosh hashanah dinner party with our buds B, G, S, & P where we had noodle kugel (basically, an egg noodle casserole with cottage cheese, sour cream, poppy seeds, etc.), ginger-maple carrots, cucumber-dill vinegar salad:

the duck was really tasty.

i topped it all off with a pillowy, tall, fluffy, apple cake that i served with bourbon toffee sauce and whipped cream. delicious.

- saturday morning we had our first private prenatal class. we basically whittled down the entire curriculum to: labour (what IS it?), relaxation techniques, and breast feeding, meaning we got the whole thing done over 4.5 hours on saturday and sunday morning. guys, labour is kind of crazy. also, there are NO VIDEOS of labour (maybe the one i posted from the "pacing the panic room blog") that don't feature people who are giant dorklingers/possible LARPers. it's like they're diametrically opposed or something. i don't know if my immediate, gross-out visceral reaction is because of the fact that you're pushing a baby out of something the size of a quarter, or if the videos all feature people i don't want to be associated with or have anything in common with AT ALL, even the universal experience of bringing life into the world.

- we followed this up with the interment of poppa's ashes at a cemetery in oakville, where there are other dotys buried, like pharris doty (awesome name, pharris, good job). i know, prenatal class followed by ashes burial is all very:

like, the first minute of it, anyhow. i don't know WHY i wasn't expecting it to be an emotional experience...i guess i kind of thought that i'd had my crying over and done with? but then poppa d had to go and get an IRISH PIPER to play and it was the most winsome, mournful soundtrack ever (think: deck of the titanic), and i was totally blindsided by the fact that there were OLD PEOPLE from the royal canadian legion there who were SO OLD that i basically started bawling as soon as i saw them come marching up in their uniforms. they were adorable. like, hard-of-hearing, frail, adorable.

i've been looking for an outlet for some kind of volunteer work and more and more i'm coming to the realization that i should really work with old people - i'm not really sure in what capacity, or how, but i think that's where my heart lies. watch this space here for updates.

- we were SUPPOSED to spend saturday night at our friend L's housewarming/birthday party but we had a late lunch with the dotytron's family after the interment (not to be confused, by the way, with INTERNMENT, which is what we do to japanese people in the united states and canada during WWII), and it had been an emotionally draining morning so i sent along some fig frangipane bars with our friends B & G and we tendered our regrets, instead opting to try to put up the shelving in the fatburger's room and pass out at 9pm after watching 1/8th of a streaming version of "the expendables" on our tv via my laptop. streaming tv/movies technology really hasn't progressed to the point where it can satisfy my desire of size and clarity. i mean, when you blow it up so that you're watching it on your tv (and keep in mind, our tv is modest by most people's standards), you're basically looking at things the way like, robocop sees them (best case scenario, maybe the way cyberdyne systems model 101 - that's, the terminator to you - sees things).

- sunday we ate challah french toast and bacon and nectarines, bananas, and wild blueberries for breakfast:

- we followed that up with our second prenatal class whereupon i received failing marks for stating that i deal with stress/tension by yelling expletives at my partner. overall, it was pretty informative, but i am glad we skipped all the n00b icebreaker stuff from the group classes. some of the relaxation/massage techniques will probably come in handy and our instructor brought over an epidural kit so i could see the size of the needle as well as a vacuum and this portable pelvis thing with a life-size baby so you could see all the crazy behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into getting the little succubus out of you.

- then it was more errands and futzing and napping (i've been so so so tired lately) and prepping for the shower and then for dinner i raided our CSA produce and fridge leftovers and made us pan-seared steaks with chimichurri, boiled purple potatoes tossed with butter and salt, corn pudding, and sautéed mushrooms:

- speaking of shower prep, i kind of missed this whole process because we didn't register when we got hitched...but why do people go off-list and then ask me what i need for the fatburger? i don't get it. like, either you don't register at all and accept what people get you, which is totally fine, but do people think that you set up a registry as a joke? like, that there's big, fat, quotation marks around the items there? "playmat" "bassinet sheets" "bathtub"??? i dunno. when people get married and shiz i either go cash money or i get something off the registry. i don't presume to know better. and i get it, i really do. buying baby clothes and stuff is super fun and super cute and i know you probably know baby x, y, z that loved items a, b, c, but at the same time, we REALLY NEED those crib sheets and the washcloths and stuff. and it's not like we did the cray-cray thing i've seen on some wedding registries where people register for like, a $200 salt shaker. i felt i was really reasonable. like you can get us the binkies AND the outfit of your choosing and not spend more than $25. and realistically, kids don't NEED that many clothes! that's why we specified on the invites sizes greater than 6 months. like, if the kid has 15 onesies for 0-3 months, that means they're going to wear each thing a maximum of 6 times. it's insane. ultimately, i don't care if we have to buy the stuff ourselves, but i've been asked a few times if we really want the stuff on the registry, and i'm like, YES! don't you know me?!? don't you know the stock i put into list-making and researching? i think having a baby is the one time when you ACTUALLY NEED STUFF...forget getting married...especially with couples living together for years and years. anyway, the point is: i don't know who goes about making sarcastic or joke registries, but i don't get it. or at the very least, don't ask me what i want, because i've already provided you with the list!

- today we went with dr. rei to pick up food and stuff for the shower from costco. dr. rei has hilariously threatened to start packing up food and snatching hors d'oeuvres out of people's hands if she deems the gift table not up to snuff. i love that little llama - she's always looking out for me and her heart is so big. one of her biggest anxieties is having me inviting random people over for dinner and "giving all my love away" on people who don't deserve it (aka, anyone but her). i couldn't ask for a more loyal, trustworthy, and decent friend.

- for dinner i made us paninis of grilled eggplant, heirloom tomato, genoa salami, and scallion mayonnaise on ace focaccia, with leftover corn pudding:

now i'm going to try very very hard to stay up past 9pm whilst simultaneously doing kegels AND practicing my relaxation breathing. i look like i've swallowed a basketball lately. it's crazy.

wish me luck!


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