Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the waning of summer

parallels the waxing of my belly. there's a chill in the air now, evidenced by a few days of humidity free weather that actually had me clawing haphazardly and sleepily for the comforter (!)

i'm staring down the barrel at 11 weeks more (give or take) to go until the fatburger makes his vagine-tearing entrance into the world. ummm, gross.

but this summer's last gasp is a doozy! another week's vacation, split between a cottage with the kdubsguelph crew and then the more sedate, coronation-street infused, meditative pleasures of the dotytron's family cottage in the muskokas. i'm looking forward to both equally. the hard thing about a pack of friends who live a few hours away is that your time with them is so intermittent - it's going to be so nice to have a sustained chunk of time with these people i love in the restful suspended headspace of the cottage.

the dotytron's family cottage is fantastic too - no distractions - just you and lazy days dangling your legs off the couch reading or lying in the screened in porch drifting in and out of a sun drunk stupor. the cottage is prime time muskoka - craggy canadian shield - and it boggles my mind every time i think that grandpa reid BUILT the darned thing with his own two hands - and boated in all the supplies too. how crazy it must have been to clear the land and wait years and years for running water and electricity. i feel really connected to grandpa's particular brand of gentle stoicism at the cottage - and i've built up so many fond memories of fishing with the dotytron and exploring by canoe and going on rinky dinky "portages" (ie. carrying the canoe 2 feet) and being bored to death watching ken burns' "civil war" documentary on pbs on the old cathode tube tv.

the dotytron has banned me from long swims (did i tell you i swam a good 5 km at the cottage with my family - from an island back to the cottage?) and long canoe rides. he's trying to ban me from biking to work and back too, but so far my resistance movement is winning against his autocratic dictates. the sight of my belly at night, unsheathed and liberally anointed with shea butter in an admittedly vain attempt to forestall the appearance of stretch marks, makes the dotytron go all googly-eyed. he loves looking at it. me, not so much. i would very much like my waistline back, thank you. he's such a baby monster, though. it's cute seeing how unbelievably pumped the dotytron is and how every baby he comes across lately is the recipient of much cooing and even MORE googly eyes.

we had a lovely weekend in geneseo. brought back the crib, the dresser, a new laptop and the pottery barn shelves. little ze's special day was pretty hilarious. most notably because he insisted that a special day with his aunt and uncle doesn't count as a "present" and was trying to hustle us into the rochester science centre's gift store for a real "present" on the way out.

he was also being really funny when we were watching "harry potter & the half-blood prince" on demand. every time dumbledore appeared on screen he would scream "aahhh!" and then we'd have to explain, "dude, that's dumbledore, he's a good guy!" repeatedly.

i had my favoritest wegman's vanilla cake with lemon filling and whipped cream frosting for a birthday cake. we ate at delmonico's, we had a shrimp boil, and otherwise spent lovely time together.

we left my mum with the kids and watched "the other guys" - it was decently funny. WAY better than "dinner with schmucks" which, as you may recall, was horrendous. i actually laughed during this which i consider an achievement. it starts off strong and then starts to peter off near the end, like a lot of comedies - they burn out the concept and then are stuck trying to lamely tie up loose ends.

on tuesday we had a birthday dinner for big d "aka big d's big day" at queen margherita with my aunt mimi (big d's big sister, visiting from hk) and her hubby uncle jacques. i got the pizza of the day (pesto, mushrooms, fior di latte, bacon) and split with the dotytron, who got the diavolo (hot sopressatta, fior di latte, olives, tomato sauce). they've changed up the menu a wee bit since the last few times we've been there. the prix fixe used to be appetizer, pizza, salad and they've swapped the salad for a dessert course (a wise decision). not having dessert was probably too weird for a north american audience.

i went to town when i got home tonight:

- visited my friend G who had her baby (a girl!) after work with K - her little bambino is so cute! such a lady! long fingers, long nails, a full head of hair and a healthy and robust 7lbs. she was just 5 hours into the world when i met her.
- went grocery shopping for some last minute things for dinner this week
- dropped off my keys and instructions for H and that guy, who will be checking in on our house for us
- made deviled eggs and prepped stuff for our "night in new england" dinner tomorrow night with L, J, & S.
- made all the components for a banana cream pie (crust, pastry cream, chocolate ganache) that will be coming with us to the cottage, to be either consumed by kdubsguleph or dotytron's family.
- made the dinner above, baba ghannouj, fried haloumi, warmed pita, and a tomato-cucumber mint salad

all in about an hour. it was kind of buck. i was losing my mind temporarily.

it all worked out in the end and i got to settle down with my dessert of choice, lately (also pictured above): a banana sundae consisting of sliced bananas, breyer's vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, bourbon toffee sauce, toasted coconut, toasted pecan pieces. so good!

midwife appointment today, then costco, picking up oysters for "a night in new england", blinds to go for blinds for the fatburger's room, and then home before hitting academic book club tonight. ai yi yi!



Big Sis said...

My dessert of choice has been... oh wait, that's right, I don't get to have dessert!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

dude! i went to my appointment yesterday and when i peed on the stick my glucose was STILL off the charts! so my midwife said that just because i'm in the clear for GD doesn't mean that i can go to town. pregnancy pushes your body to the limits, which means that we still have to be careful and that we're probably more likely to get diabeetus down the road.

in other words, DON'T GO BUCK once cousin X is born!

Big Sis said...


I have a plate of pasta and a cookie/brownie ice cream sundae on hold as soon as this kid comes out!!! Plus I want you to make me a crack pie...just for me!