Tuesday, August 10, 2010

stuffed to the gills

supper club was fantastic. seriously, king's park is THE BEST! as soon as i've eaten there i want to go back IMMEDIATELY. we ordered a kilo of the roasted pork and the roasted lamb. the pork blew me away - so juicy and oregano crusted. the lamb was also good but a little bony - it depends on how you feel about gnawing on bones. we had saganaki, pita, tonnes of tzatiki, greek fries (chunky cut fries sprinkled with feta) the village salad (a chunky salad of tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, red onions, and green peppers served with a giant slab of feta), bread, and ate and drank long into the night, for almost 3 hours.

we followed that up with a bike ride to ed's real scoop for the east siders for some ice cream (i was good and got a kiddie cup!) which meant that we passed by this raging jam outside a barbershop on pape where a live reggae band was going BUCK playing "pressure drop":

so freakin' awesome. we almost went without ice cream entirely to join the mob of peeps standing outside and jamming. what's better than a summer night with reggae, a belly full of lamb, good conversation and laughs and the prospect of ice cream on the near horizon? not freakin' much, i'll tell you.

i can't reiterate enough what a good weekend it was - just a reminder that even as summer ticks down to its labour day conclusion there is fun and joy and love to be taken.

last night we went to tacos al asador with the goosetang clan (where they overcharged me by $3!!! this didn't seem to bother anyone else but me - but i'm chinese, and that shiz don't fly, son) and then visited our buddy L who is housesitting for his sis (and our friends) J & S and who is recovering from knee surgery. i'm kind of off tacos al asador. i feel like i've been there too much lately or something. i'm just not feeling it as much. maybe because i'm feeling like i haven't had enough harbord fish'n'chips this summer? or maybe because i'm craving a bacchus or ghandi's roti? i feel like i've been to al asador too much or something.

i know blogs without photos aren't any fun. i WANT to show you all the delicious food/good times we've been eating/having lately, but i don't think that's going to happen before thursday, to be honest.

the fatburger's room is now freshly painted and all we (read: the dotytron) have to do is do a final edging strip of paint and then clean the room again and move the stuff that's going back in there, back in there.

in lieu of life pictures, i thought i'd show you some of the fatburger's room inspirations. the colour palette we're going with is maintaining the pale green "cucumber crush" colour i had originally picked for the room when it was just my office/craft room:

i find it looks smashing with the white trim and my original colour palette for my office was this colour, orange, and white. i feel this colour combination is still gender-neutral enough for a little boy's room (or a girl who likes robots/outer space). i'm keeping a corner of the room for my office/computer set up and for my files and crafts anyway, so i didn't want to have to reinvent the wheel.

this is the crib we're getting, walmart's baby mod parklane:

i love the look of modern cribs, but the standard-bearer for this is the oeuf crib which costs upwards of $1000. this is the oeuf crib:

i mean, i love the clean lines as much as the next person, but to put it in perspective, my mid century teak veneer queen bed frame cost $600. there is NO WAY IN HECK that someone i haven't met yet (that's you, fatburgie) is going to be resting their tookus in something more expensive than what i've got, especially since they're in the crib for 2 years tops and i'm in mine for life. also, the oeuf crib isn't convertible, the walmart one is, and it's been popping up all over on the design blogs.

we got this walmart babymod olivia dresser to go with it and i'm going to convert the top to a changing table by plopping on a changing pad:

i wasn't super-keen on having a dedicated changing table - those things are useless afterwards and even the "changing table" options that aren't like those hospital supply cart things tend to have a shelf stuck behind two doors like a small dresser - not functional.

we're going to have an ikea expedit 2x4 in white set up under the window horizontally, for storing toys and books and whatnot, and with my stuff in the ikea orange kassett boxes:

rather than buy a coordinated crib set, i opted instead to have a custom crib bumper made in free spirit's "robots" line in orange:

and i'm going to match it with white fitted crib sheet and make my own white crib skirt. for the record, my sister thinks i'm crazy to have white bedding, and i acknowledge this and subsequently registered for darker colours, but for the finished nursery photos, i'm going white.

i'm also going to make a simple crib quilt in the coordinating fabric from the line:

pretty cute, eh?

we're putting up pottery barn's collector's shelves in white and these 2 cloud shelves i bought ages ago:

as you can tell, i believe strongly in storage/display opportunities.

my chrome rocker is going to live in the room temporarily and some discrete ikea table lamps and maybe my moo cow lamp if i can get a lamp shade made up for it in time.

i'm going to move the robot print currently in the master bedroom into the room as well as the offshore records print we have, and i bought these two prints (chinese zodiac and toronto street meat) ones for the room:

i'm probably going to get a couple of more prints - one probably from etsy seller modern pop (they're adorable!) and probably this poops scoops one as well (pretty effin' cute, eh?):

i can't decide which one of these etsy, intergalactic mobiles i should go for:

and finally, we were thinking of putting this rug in the room:

but i'm worried that it might be too busy. what do you think? we're also hoping that our R&R acres friends might let us buy one of their fluffy sheepskins from them - i can't think of anything softer or cuddlier for a winter baby than doing your tummy time on a sheepskin.

i'm rounding out the room with some orange and yellow vintage egg baskets i have for rounding up small things (i'm all about corralling small items) and i want to get these ADORABLE giant lego storage boxes (they're stackable!) - how awesome are they?!?

funny story, the dotytron is reading this book that i just finished called "will grayson, will grayson" which is a book with alternating chapters telling the stories of two guys named will grayson, with each chapter written by either john green (one of my favorite YA authors who wrote "an abundance of katherines" and "paper towns") or david levithan (who wrote "nick and norah's infinite playlist"). eventually, the two will graysons meet up with hilarious results. so the dotytron was like, partially through and had obviously missed a key plot point because he thought the alternating chapters were talking about ONE will grayson and so he was asking me if there was some kind of time continuity issue and i was like, uhhh dude, can't you tell that those are TWO different people? i mean, the book kind of makes it easy for you, david levithan's will grayson chapters are all lowercase and the writing style is TOTALLY different. anyway, it's been a bit of a joke in my back pocket that i've been pulling out since then to make fun of how he couldn't figure out the central narrative device of a young adult novel.

we were taking the subway home last night and i was teasing him about it, pretending to quote him and going, "duhhhh, did will grayson GO BACK IN TIME?!?" and he was getting all defensive and going on a rant the gist of which was, "it's not like you're not stupid too, you're stupid ALL THE TIME" and then i looked over at him and his funny face and had another of those moments where sometimes, it kind of boggles my mind that we've been together for 9 years and that i somehow ended up marrying I__ D___ from HIGH SCHOOL. like, we went to high school together. and weren't friends. and never talked. and he saw me one night two days before the party before we officially met when i was breezing by the table that he happened to be sitting at with some mutual friends and i stopped to say hi and didn't even register his presence (i was going to hear my then boyfriend dj and meet up with the roomie and her then boyfriend). and he thought i was cute and told a mutual friend this (a mutual friend i had spent the summer messing around with) who promptly told me that so-and-so from torontojungle.com (the message board we all posted on) thought i was cute. and he showed up at the party to meet said mutual friend (that i had been messing around with) and caught the last part of my (awful, terrible, amateurish) dj set and then noticed that the place was crawling with people from our high school. and i went to say hi to my high school friend who was working the door who was talking to the dotytron and the dotytron introduced himself and was all like, "hi, i'm I__" and i was like *polite indifference* "uh, yeah, hi whatever" and then it suddenly clicked that he was talking to my high school friend. and then i interrupted them mid conversation and shouted, "I__ D___ FROM HIGH SCHOOL#$!!%^?!?!" and that after a life time of everything BUT electronic dance music he was into jungle and posting on the same message board i'd been on for years. and that his parents had moved downtown from the burbs where we went to high school and he was done school and living with them and OH BY THE WAY DID I MENTION THAT HIS PARENTS NEW HOUSE WAS ON THE SAME STREET AS THE HOUSE THAT I WAS RENTING WITH A BUNCH OF NE'ER-DO-WELL BOYS ONE OF WHOM HAPPENED TO BE MY NOW EX THEN KINDA SORTA BOYFRIEND?!? like, literally, three blocks up the same MOTHERF**KING street in toronto with a population of 2+ million and more neighbourhoods and streets than you can shake a stick at? and somehow, through this most random and serendipitous and meet cute-est of meet cute stories he ended up being the perfect person for me? how does THAT work?

so sometimes this flashes through my head and i was on the ttc with him and all our years together just kind of flashed before my eyes and i started thinking thoughts like, "i'm having a BABY with this guy" and i looked at his dear face and was giving him the googly eyes and i leaned over and kissed his shoulder and said, "i can't believe i ended up with I__ D___ from high school" and you know what his response was?


lol! i guess he didn't hear me.

(or maybe he did)



xtina said...

i made a baby quilt from that exact fabric, i have material left if you want it.

lighting gal said...

Great post, interesting pictures!