Sunday, August 08, 2010

more flux

my entire office at home has been disassembled to make way for our crew of bargain-basement asian contractors (aka randy & his team of jabberwockys - that's a america's best dance crew reference for y'all) to come in and replace two of the walls in spumante's room with drywall. SO MUCH DUST. i can't reiterate how jabberwocky this team is - they all show up wearing vintage tribe called quest t-shirts and one of them was wearing flip flops! lol! the good thing is the quote is less than 1/2 the cost of the lowest quote we got from anyone else. the bad thing is that there's dust EVERYWHERE.

it depends on how relaxed you are with those kinds of things. i'm totally okay with cleaning up after people and doing the sanding and priming ourselves (aka volunteering the dotytron to do it). some people want contractors who give them the white glove treatment with hepa filters and glossy websites - i'm okay with saving money and forgoing that stuff for a pretty decent job where i have to do some of the dirty work.

and boy oh boy is it DIRRRTY. we're talking christina aguilera "it's about time for my arrival" "dirrty featuring redman" dirty. so dusty! it's coming along okay though, and hopefully by tuesday we can clean the top floor of the house and put all my stuff back where it belongs. my desk is being condensed and i'm moving from a desktop to a laptop (probably - we'll see if i can find a cheapie one in the states next weekend) so that the fatburger's room will be a combo office/bambino room. it sucks not having access to my computer and my multitude of MS word lists and stupid MS excel spreadsheets. can you believe that that's all i basically use my computer for?!?

yesterday we had brunch with our friends S & P on their new outdoor set in their HUGE annex backyard - it was so nice! i'm starting to love brunch entertaining more and more. it's great - i mean, we're already up that early in the morning anyway and then it still leaves you the bulk of your day for a post-brunch nap or, in our case, a trip to home depot and a house clean. we also met their new parent friends T & B from ottawa who were very laid back and lovely people. i love meeting friends-of-friends!

it was very low key last night. i made us that warm bacon, lentil, and baby spinach salad with the breaded, pan fried goat's cheese and toasted whole wheat baguette slices and then we watched "kill bill volume 1" and passed out early.

friday night momma & poppa d hosted me for a birthday dinner at their place with ehmdo and a surprise appearance from nany. i was so spoiled. we ate giant steaks and a big green salad and sliced tomatoes with boccaccini and a mennonite cocoa cake with white frosting. simple, homey, mom food in spades.

today is another day of housecleaning followed by a supper club meeting at king park for rotisseried lamb by the pound with onion rings and chunky greek salad. can't wait. my friend P is visiting in town from egypt so we're hoping to squeeze in a visit with him as well.

so while my life is in flux it's also being filled with good food, good friends, and good times. that's a pretty fair balance, methinks.


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