Tuesday, August 31, 2010

cooler air

...my butski! it's been hot as hades 'round here lately and it's making for some champion whinging courtesy of k. lagerfeld, esquire. YOU try not whinging when you've become a fat little mouth breathing weirdo.

kdubsguelphtdot cottage was really really nice...there were some pros and cons to the set up. pros: the bathrooms were all really nice, huge fire pit, drinkable well water, big kitchen and giant kitchen table for eating at, lots of activity space. cons: basement (secondary hang out room) smelled dank and was kind of neglected and featured the furnace room and beer fridge of doom, the dock was tiny and rickety and had rotting wood galore, and there was no outdoor table for eating outside. the dock was a bit of a pisser as was the axe murderer vibe in the basement - it just meant that we didn't really want to hang out there all that much.

also, the weather was kind of lame, cloudy and cool most days with only 1 day of consistent sun, and it wasn't that hot. but there's nothing that can be done about that.

but my oh my did we have fun! we camped out at the pearces' dock where my pregnant belly was deemed to be collateral by J, in case the pearces happened to be there and got mad at us for trespassing. we ate like kings: key lime pie, peanut butter cookies, burgers, mac'n'cheese, salads, monkey bread, taco night, so many chips. a few of us went on a trip to visit the dorset fire tower, which in the subsequent re-telling, became the GREATEST ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME. there was a race with a startling upset - one of those true underdog sports stories finishes, recorded for all posterity. we played so many games and had so many cozy chats and basically loved up on one another and rued our eventual return to reality. i'm really hoping that we can make it an annual tradition, to supplement the winter farm vacay.

momma d's family cottage was another time entirely. quiet, relaxing, reflective time on one of the prettiest, most wildlife-rich lakes i've ever been to. it's teeming with life in a way that the other cottages i've been too aren't. we saw so many frogs, and minnows, and crayfish, and a pretty chubby garter snake, hummingbirds galore. i caught like 4 fish just casting off the dock and managed to land the best thing of all (for an avid fisher), a "the one that got away" story. most of the times at healey lake i've never caught anything of note - small little rock and baby small mouth bass about the size of my hand. but casting off the dock on the thursday night, i got something BIG. something big enough to snap my line, make off with my lead, hook, worm AND mangle my bobber (!!!!!) so exciting!

saturday night we had a hootenanny on the dock, recorded by ehmdo. now, if you're a tone death motherf**ker like myself, just try participating in a hootenanny featuring a gifted guitarist/singer (dotytron), a mandolin/songwriter (poppa d), a choir singer (momma d), and a professional singer-songwriter (ehmdo), AND another talented singer (ehmdo's bestie L, who frequently joins her on backup at live shows). you may have heard of a certain evolutionary phenomena known as "flight or fight." well, my friends, my survival instincts kicked in and i desperately clung to the melody with every atom in my being, trying to tease it out from the FOUR PART HARMONY going on in some of the numbers, singing with my hand in front of my mouth to muffle my (limited) contributions. it was kind of terror-inducing. it was also the most over-directed and micromanaged dockside hootenanny that i've ever seen, lol! so many takes! i think there's some good material there and there was definitely something magical about singing under the stars, with an inky black lake still beneath your feet, and a slowly dying fire casting flickering ember shadows on our faces.

then we came back to the stinking, stinking heat. oy vey. tomorrow evening we're going on the last big excursion before the fatburger's appearance, to visit my sis and outlaw bro and family, with dr. rei and hanbo, in geneseo. the real reason for the trip is to go to the new york state fair, which is BLOWING MY MIND at the moment. check out the interactive "food finder" map! check out the categories: "fried" "on a stick" "unique" - i'm going to eat the S**T outta this fair, mark my words. i really want to try a deep fried oreo, fried cheesecake, fried mac'n'cheese and all sorts of other goodies that you don't normally get (because you would die, obvs). i'm also liking all the seafood options, like fried clams, shrimp, crab cakes, and the regional new york specialties. GAH!!! i'm basically spending all my free time poring over the map and trying to commit it to memory and playing sophie's choice about what's actually going to make it down my gaping maw.

last night's dinner was an attempt to recalibrate post-cottage excesses and pre-NYSF excesses. we had pan-seared lamb shoulder chops with a mint chimichurri, white bean & grape tomato salad, and a tomato-cucumber salad:

i have no less than eleven (!!!) book reviews and 2 movie reviews on deck for my peeps.

it's hard to believe that the last weekend of the summer is already here. i'm glad i'm spending it with my favorite people. is it weird how much i love going on vacation with friends? should i only want to go on vacation with my partner?


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