Wednesday, August 04, 2010

cleveland rocks

our friends H & A were in town from cleveland and stayed with us last night. we were the last stop before they headed back to the cleve on their whirlwind vacation to new england. it's always so good to see them. they're exactly like us! two total nerds who love food and eating and most of the same things we like. the best! we took them to this place, hanoi 3 seasons which does quasi-upscale vietnamese food. H is my mum's old friend J's son, and he owns a few japanese restaurants in cleveland and he's a total foodie - his first pick is always asian food, too. we followed that up with ice cream at ed's real scoop. so good.

as my belly gets bigger (seriously guys, i'm a whale of a tale right now) i'm realizing i can actually eat less than i would normally. when i get full i get REALLY full - like it feels like my stomach is a super-taut drum skin stretched way too tight. it's very uncomfortable.

i did a wack load of grocery shopping and stocked up on fruits and veggies and planned super-healthy meals for this week but i'm being hijacked at every turn. my cottage diet of cheetos and lipton's noodle and sauce and dessert every night in anticipation of a gestational diabetes diagnosis that thankfully never came has come to an end, thankfully. eating super-rich, super-meat-heavy meals takes a lot out of you. eggs and bacon and sausage and weekend brunch type breakfasts every day get a little wearing. i'm craving salads and freshness and a resumption of my life cereal with raspberries for breakkie and fruit for a treat with saugeen country yoghurt.

the gestational diabetes test is a bit of a mind-f**k. you fast overnight and then they take your fasting blood and make you drink this super sugary drink and then test your blood 1 hour and then 2 hours after to see how your body is processing the sugar. the drink was totally over-hyped by people i talked to. ladies were like, "i felt like vomiting, it was so sweet" etc., etc., but it's really a small amount of liquid (way less than 500ml) and they serve it to you chilled and it's carbonated. it tastes like orange fanta - i'd say it's even less sweet than orange crush at the end of the day.

i got my results back and i'm in the clear. which is nice. it doesn't mean i'm going to let up on my pre-cottage eating habits - i'm still cutting out juice and drinking big glasses of milk instead and avoiding white foods but it's nice knowing that ed's real scoop is still a viable post-dinner constitutional destination for the remainder of the summer.

the problem is: this week is mental! last night we went out for food (yummy, healthy, clean-tasting vietnamese food, but still). today for lunch we took my colleague G out for a swiss chalet group lunch as it's her last week of work before mat leave. friday night momma and poppa d are hosting us for a belated birthday dinner. friday lunch dr. rei is INSISTING on taking me out for a pusateri's meal. saturday we're having brunch at our friends' S & P's place and sunday night is our supper club.

how am i supposed to combat those forces!?! i'm definitely hitting up the lane swim tonight and since i ate a 1/4 chicken dinner with a heap of fries i'm going to eat fruit and nuts and yoghurt for "dinner" tonight and try to avoid eating two giant meals in a day. this means that upon the dotytron's return home he'll turn to me and ask "what's for dinner" and i'll explain that i'm not making dinner tonight and why and then his FIRST DEFAULT INSTINCT will be to get takeout instead of taking the TONNES OF TONNES OF RAW MATERIALS IN OUR FRIDGE AND TURNING THEM INTO A MEAL FOR HIMSELF. that's his signature move. then i yell at him (that's MY signature move) and then he'll sulkily make himself like, the worst meal ever (like peanut butter on bread with cottage cheese) and eat that.

have i told you already (forgive me, but i write here ALOT and sometimes i plumb forget if i've regaled your with stories before, mmmkay?) about how i've been having mad anxiety about what little time will be available to me in the weeks after the fatburger is born and how i'm worried that he's going to be colicky and that i'll be up all night and not getting enough sleep but STILL wanting with every fiber of my type A being to maintain the same standards of living that i prided myself in prior to ejecting a little squirming babe and that i'm expecting the dotytron to pick up the slack on house cleaning and meal cooking? and that to that end i've been quizzing him on how to make food because pretty much ever since i stopped being a cook and started being a librarian, i've been doing the cooking because 8-5 jobs are conducive to you living our your passions like that. so i've been doing stuff like ambushing him with: "TELL ME STEP BY STEP HOW YOU MAKE PASTA CARBONARA" and then screaming my head off when he doesn't do things in the right sequence or neglects to TELL me that he's going to reserve some of the pasta cooking water to loosen a gummy tacky sauce?

speaking of that, i actually haven't given him the treatment in a while. i should. i think it's important for our child to see that both parents share in domestic duties and that it's not like the mum is the ONLY one responsible for putting out salsa in little serving dishes and shaking the tortilla chips into bowls and the pops is the ONLY one responsible for doing anything related to the grill and leaning on hamburgers with a bbq spatula and squeezing out all the juice *shudders* in our house though, the pops IS the only one responsible for un-chonging the toilet because as we all know, poo (and chinotto) is my nemesis.


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