Monday, July 12, 2010

chronicles of a lucky pig

look at these photos from AYCE sushi and twilight: eclipse night and tell me i'm not a lucky pig. look at those faces! so dear!





the AYCE was amazing. the nighttime menu is marginally more extensive than the lunchtime menu but it was sooo good. i could seriously eat pounds and pounds of crispy rolls and spicy salmon rolls and the multiple variations on the california roll. and salmon sashimi!!! the thing that's amazing about lolls is how much the girl can take down - she's a worthy opponent on the AYCE japanese battlefield.

it was a fun hang - but a big mixy mishmash of people that i think worked out in the end. even if dr. rei tended to spiral off into M-R-I in joke territory with a failed story about the song she made up in ital-towns when she and the dotytron were trying to force me to eat random sandwiches and non-lagerfeld-restaurant list approved locations. she and dotytron also came up with this equation where you have to solve for x: x + poo-dreads = bong-ra (or something like that).

this was in response to the fact that ALEC EMPIRE searched his own name on twitter and found a tweet that i had posted likening him and breakcore to the stupid g20 anarchists, and he ACTUALLY responded. lol! what a hurtbag!!!

p.s. alec empire used to look like this:

total berlin-y, but decent.

now he looks like THIS (aka like bruno):


okay, so the movie was balls. it was BORING AS ALL HECK. has anyone never noticed that NOTHING HAPPENS IN THE BOOKS OR THE MOVIES?!? it was so serious and stupid and the boringest. there weren't even any laughable moments because jasper isn't doing the google-y eyes anymore and they were focusing on the stupid young volturis instead of the old, bored ones (who are our favorites because all they do is lounge around on giant old chairs drinking out of goblets and being blasé). the best part of the movie was seeing the "harry potter and the deathly hallows" trailer. so sick. can't wait for that one. i don't know if we can continue this tradition though. i might have tapped out on twilight.

when life gives you a potential gestational diabeetus diagnosis (TBD next week!) the obvious thing to do is make chocolate chip banana bread french toast with maple syrup, cream, and raspberries from momma d's garden:

so delicious! but very rich. i think i prefer the simplicity of challah french toast.

saturday was magic. we loaded up our cooler and my paniers with the picnic fixings and biked out to harboufront centre to see a documentary on the wu-tang clan. the footage from the formative years was pretty educational and it was decently produced. kind of low-budge. the latter half focused a lot on the trials and tribulations of ODB and they ran out of material after discussing the impact of the first two albums, but it was still pretty good. we've decided that we're going to cull only from ODB aliases for nicknames for the fatburger. you can't go wrong: osiris, dirt mcgirt, big baby jesus...they're all winners.

the best part was me leaning over to the dotytron about 20 minutes in and whispering: "is prince rakim the same as RZA?" and him hissing back at me, "YES. GOD!" and rolling his eyes all dramatically at how little i know about the wu. lol!

then we biked over to xtina & buns' for the high park picnic which was lovely. i'll let the photos speak for themselves:






so magic! the day was warm but not too hot. we laid out on picnic blankets and played bocce and catch and frisbee and ate all that delicious food and talked and talked and then trooped home when dusk fell. it was so amazing. i'd love a million more saturday afternoons like that with those people. look at them!

then we biked home in the dark (round trip all told that day was another 27 km in the can) and caught the last bits of the symphony of fire. the day had cooled off, there was no humidity, the kind of weather that makes you feel like you could bike forever, in the dark, lit up by the boom and pop and shower of light of fireworks over lake ontario. it was so beautiful and idyllic - i fell in love with toronto again.

sunday we headed out to oakville and paid a quick visit to my friend D and her husband N and their cute little house with their cute little yard. it was nice to catch up with her and go out there for a change, instead of having her meet me in the city. the traffic was really good - we got there in under half an hour - it doesn't seem so far away and remote when it takes you only that long to get there. D and her husband are super-cute together and seem really happy which in turn makes you happy just being around them.



then we headed to hanbo's parents house for a pool party. i love hanging out with parents. not like, new parents. i mean like, people our parents' age. i love it! hanbo's mum totally spoiled us and had made punch and cupcakes and we had burgers and potato salad and she had set out little bowls of banana marshmallows (!), cheetos, pretzels and chips. we swam and were totally coddled and had some big laughs with dr. rei's parents. her dad is the cutest. he claimed he could swim but then might have possibly snapped a noodle with a death grip and he does this cute little doggy paddle in the water and was bobbing around forevers. i brought some raspberry jam bars and dr. rei's parents brought this amazing raspberry tart - so we were stuffed and we snacked some more watching the world cup finals and made all the parental units laugh with our non-stop commentary.

for dinner we picked up takeout from the big smoke, in oakville, which has been getting favorable bbq buzz. we got the beef ribs and pork ribs sampler - which are both dry rubbed and then glazed with a sauce - i like it when the ribs aren't too drippy with sauce, but nicely lacquered. we also got coleslaw and mac'n'cheese. the coleslaw i thought was pretty bad. the mac'n'cheese was alright but lacking richness. the dotytron: "THIS MACARONI SALAD IS WARM!" lol! that's cuz it's mac'n'cheese, numbnuts. i like the smoky flavour on the meat and it was properly falling off the bone - nicely chewy and charred, although i favored the beef ribs for the juiciness. it was pretty good bbq overall. better than phil's i'll tell you that much:


we followed that up with a trip to the coburg lounge on parliament street to see our buddy A play in his trio. phew! that's a pretty ram-jiggedy-jammed weekend but could you ask for better?

i'm such a lucky pig, i tells ya.


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dr. rei said...

"he claimed he could swim but then might have possibly snapped a noodle with a death grip"

LOOOOOOL x a billion

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