Friday, July 09, 2010

camp momma & poppa d

oy. yesterday i called in sick to work. one too many sleepless, restless nights in a row - a combination of the heat, the no a/c at lil' ugmo, and the fact that on wednesday night we went out to see the dotytron's friend K play at gate 403 on roncesvalles in a straight ahead vocal jazz band. we didn't get home until midnight. i've been going to sleep at 9:30pm. it was a combination that resulted in me waking up on thursday morning feeling tired, cranky, head-achey and like a giant, sweaty, over-heated tubster. i couldn't face going to work.

instead, we went to the dotytron's parents' house and i napped and soaked up their a/c and loved life. it was so nice to visit with them anyway. the live up the street (but quite a distance away - like a 25 minute walk?) but we don't see them nearly enough and so we drank their pop and they bought us pizza and spoiled us and treated us like big kids.

it was heavenly.

this all meant that even though i woke up at 3am last night and had to stay up reading on the couch (we're still sleeping on the living room floor) by flashlight for 2 hours until i could get back to a fitful sleep, i am much more well rested today and ready to face the mountain of work ahead of me.

tonight we're going for AYCE sushi and then a viewing of "twilight: eclipse" with jenny calendar, lolly, dr. rei & hanbo, bwong and his new gf (!!!) and my mum. what a crew!

i'll try to take some pics.

big weekend ahead!


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