Tuesday, July 13, 2010

because we only saw dr. rei & hanbo

twice this weekend, we decided to have dinner at their place on monday night. lol! you'd think we would run out of things to say, but NO! the conversation was fast and furious and took us well into the witching hour.

dr. rei made egg noodles with the bagna cauda and radicchio and the poached egg - i love her plates. they're so her with her love of canadiana and duck hunting and wearing tweed on a crumbling estate with a library where you swirl sherry in a glass and read out loud from dickens:


i made tiramisu, which i've been craving for a while - nice and cool and creamy. a delicious summer dessert. i over-soaked the lady fingers but it still tasted pretty darned good.

tonight i pitted a billion pounds of sour cherries to make a sour cherry pie. i also made that frangipane tart again but used raspberries this time instead of figs. i made these desserts to bring up to R&R acres this weekend. we're leaving thursday night and staying until sunday. R&R acres is the dotytron's parents' friends' farm. i'm so excited! they have 100 acres - most of which are rented out to farmers who grow stuff like feed corn. they have a small hobby vegetable farm and at various times have had chickens, pigs, horses, goats, and sheep. i think right now they just have sheep and/or goats. it's just north of walkerton and the saugeen river runs through their property. it's been at least 4 years since i've been there last. i'm super-pumped about it. it's going to be so relaxing.

for dinner i made us mushroom tagliatelle (i got it in the food box from my colleagues at work before the wedding) with pesto, broccoli rabe, an a leftover, lone italian sausage i had sitting in the freezer forever. it was TASTY. it looks like a pile of dog crap but trust me, fresh pesto is amazing.

for dessert we went to ed's AGAIN. gah! having that place nearby is killing my low-carb intentions. i got a mix of pina colada and passionfruit gelato and it was HEAVENLY. good thing it takes us 20 minutes to walk there and another 20 back. oy.


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