Monday, June 28, 2010

what a blur

i've had a 4 day weekend and i can't even remember what happened on friday! i'm pretty sure that i was pretty busy...but i'm not sure with what? *consults day timer* oh yes! i remember now. i spent the morning hanging out with my former supervisor and current colleague T, cruising around bloor west village, which i'd never explored before. it was fun! there are a tonne of eastern european bakeries selling delectable, not-too-sweet, eastern european type breads, pastries, and smoked sausages. i also got to check out this store, diaper-eez, which is toronto's cloth diapering mecca. because i'm crazy and seriously considering giving cloth diapering ye olde college try. it was kind of confusing because there are so many types on the market, but i came away with a fairly good understanding of the two main types: pre-folds (which are basically a piece of reinforced cotton in a dishtowel shape that you twist around the bambino's butt and then cover with a breathable waterproof underpants type thing); and the all-in-ones, which are the breathable waterproof underpants type things, with an attached long piece of absorbent cotton/fleece that you fold up like a maxi pad in there.

the pre-folds are WAY cheaper and way more environmentally friendly - as the all-in-ones are $25 EACH and you only get 1 use out of each one before washing the insert AND the cover. whereas the pre-folds are like, $30/12 and you can just keep reusing the breathable cover provided there hasn't been a poo nuclear meltdown. both of them turn your bambino's butt into a saggy bottom boy/giant drawers type scenario, but i think for the enviro factor, i'm going to give it a go.

we had dinner with people on saturday night who are also having their first and were giving me the shockface that i was considering the cloth diapering and then tried to say that the enviro factor doesn't add up because the energy costs of heating the water and the laundering negates the effect. i kind of think the dude was wrong and was just feeling judged by my decision, which is redonkulous, because people can do whatever they damn well please. i think with the new super-high energy efficient washers and dryers, especially the front-loading ones that use less water, there's NO WAY that the enviro impact can be more than with the production AND landfill clogging nature of disposables. add to that the fact that drying in a dryer is completely optional, and you've also cut out energy there. add in the fact that purchasing cloth diapers is a one-time investment. the environmental production costs happens once, and then you resuse for subsequent children and over and over again, whereas the disposable diapers have to be CONSTANTLY produced.

ultimately, who's to say that i'm going to stick it out. but i would like to try. i mean, it's not like we're more than two generations removed from cloth diapering being the ONLY option anyway.

our friday night dinner was DELICIOUS. i had the first few selfishly procured zucchini blossoms of the season, stuffed with ricotta, lemon zest, and oaxaca cheese and battered in an ethereal tempura batter and deep fried, sprinkled with sea salt. so delicious! eaten al fresco on the front steps with the antipasto salad, which consists of sliced head lettuce, sliced hot capicollo, sliced genoa salami, chickpeas, tomatoes, roasted red peppers. sliced black olives, picled eggplant, and basil leaves, dressed in a red wine vinaigrette with chili oil. so cool and tasty and mouth-feel good.

saturday and sunday were occupied all day with 9:30-5:30pm emergency first aid and CPR certification that i signed us up for thinking that if we were going to have a bambino it would be good for us to know infant resuscitation and choking and whatnot. suffice to say the dotytron was markedly UNAMUSED at frittering away one of the prime weekends in the summer (1 of 12!!!) cooped up indoors looking at pictures of contusions. he was also very UNAMUSED when this lifeguard kid stole his roller chair during break and subbed it with a non-roller office chair. lame! we were both unamused by one of the instructors who dragged out the whole session asking stupid rhetorical questions like, "now, if you see a dirty drinking straw, do you use it to perform a tracheotomy?" and then waiting for 3-5 seconds until someone responded. i mean, one or two rhetorical questions as a device to keep snoozy students interested, i get. but it was seriously like every other line.

the good thing is that ultimately, it was a worthwhile endeavor for us to learn this info because toronto has a horrible rate of intervention when people are having heart attacks. people don't want to intervene for legal/communicable disease reasons. we found out that we're covered by the good samaritan act, which means that as long as you don't act in a grossly negligent way and try your very best, you can't be charged. there hasn't been a successfully tried case yet of someone attempting to intervene and being charged with criminal negligence. also, we wait the longest to call 911 IN OUR OWN HOMES. we were taught to recognize the signs of angina, stroke, heart attack, and how to resuscitate a non-breathing, unconscious or conscious adult, infant, and child. good to know!

saturday night we had a mexican-themed dinner at J & S's house, along with J's brother L and their friends B & C, whom we've had dinner with before. it was a lovely evening. i made that suburban 7 layer mexican dip. B & C made an avocado and mint soup, and J & S served tacos with carnitas and salsas from a tortilla place on st. clair. J also made us a tres leches cake which was delicious, piled with whipped cream and drizzled with dulce de leche. B & C are also expecting a bambino so there was a lot of parenting talk. they're like, EXTREMELY well read. they've read a million things. the dotytron and i have maybe read a single book between the two of us. maybe. it made me feel nervous that we haven't read anything. like, they were talking about how there's controversy about WHEN to cut the cord and stuff. i dunno...i'm going to leave that to our care practitioners to decide. also, we were planning on putting venetian blinds in the fatburger's room to block out the nosy neighbours and B & C are removing all cords from their house!!!

you come up against a lot of people like that - parenting has become this zero-sum competitive game. it makes you feel a bit bad that you're not really thinking about it, but what can you do? reading books on that stuff (pregnancy, labour, parenting) is THE BORINGEST. i would prefer a comic format or youtube videos. i think like in all my undertakings (knitting, quilting, making croissants from scratch, fixing stuff around the home) my mode of attack tends to be to read a little, get the basics, and then jump in with both feet and figure stuff out as it happens. i have a grand history of tackling projects that are beyond the scope of a beginner and muddling through okay - isn't having a baby the same thing?

sunday night therew as a blackout caused by a crazy torrential storm that knocked out the power for 2+ hours. it was very exciting. we set up camp in the living room and upon realizing that we had no D batteries and no matches, lit the candles that we do have with a lighter and planned a list of things to get for emergency preparedness for the home and car, which naturally included LED flashlights (the kind you have to jerk off to power), matches, bottled water, etc. i LOVE making emergency preparedness lists! we ate a cold dinner of leftover salami and leftover 7layer dip with nacho chips, and then spent the rest of the blackout reading out loud from macbeth from my norton anthology of shakespeare by candlelight. it was really really fun! it made me laugh, because another thing that B & C are doing for their kid in utero is reading out loud from children's books every night. apparently the kid starts to recognize the stories so if you read them when they're freaking out they calm right down. apparently. anyway, B & C's kid is getting "goodnight moon" in utero and we're giving our kid the tragedy of macbeth. with funny voices. lol!

monday i met up with H and sweet baby D and we hung out and she gave me some of her more unisex bambino gear. H reiterated that hanging out with other parents is the boringest, which i totally buy. like mom and tot drop ins are just giant parenting-measuring sessions that get competitive and gossipy and they're all weirdo liberal, super-privileged freaks. you don't have to tell me that twice! i'm hoping to avoid that shiz like the plague. that kind of nuttiness is totally catching.

then i came home and went to town, making garlic-dill pickles, jumbleberry jam, strawberry fig jam, and preparing some bread and butter pickles i'm going to finish on tuesday evening. the dotytron was home all day and he did errands and then napped on the couch listening to louis armstrong. it was such a throwback of an afternoon. i was in my house dress with the fans whirring, in the hot humid kitchen, putting up preserves while satchmo serenaded me from the speakers. it was a lovely (hot) way to spend an afternoon...and just looking at my jars all lined up on the dining room table is making me very happy.

we had dinner with our friends S & A at harbord fish'n'chips last night - first harbord fish'n'chips of the season! it was so delicious. then dr. rei and hanbo met us and we walked to greg's for ice cream. that's a pretty near-perfect summer evening as far as i'm concerned. the heat has broken so the next few days should be a little cooler.

stay tuned for a massive post with my thoughts on the G20 s**tshow.


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