Monday, June 14, 2010


so we had our 20 week obstetrical ultrasound today. they make you drink like, a full litre of water an hour BEFORE the scheduled appointment time and you can't pee it out, which is kind of tortuous. i can see why they do it. when the tech couldn't get the shots she needed for the radiologist to do the analysis, she would have me pee out like, 2 cups worth, and then empty the bladder so that the fatburger could flip over. i think the full bladder just gives the tech some maneuverability - if you had an empty bladder, then they couldn't ask you to drink while you're there, and wait for your bladder to fill.

anyway...things seem to be okay? she got the 4 chambers of the heart, and the shots she wanted for the radiologist to analyze. the fatburger seems to like chilling on its stomach and had to be coaxed (through the aforementioned peeing) to flip over. it's so much more developed now! i'm right on track for my projected due date and spumante is right in the 50th percentile for weight so that's good. i guess we won't know any more until the radiologist is done.

i will say that we got a lot more angles and it was easier to see all the the nose, mouth, ears, stomach. at one point, we got a head-on shot where the fatburger was FACING us, and it looked up, and the ultrasound caught its cornea which looked like a total eye staring out of this weird, alien skull face and then it OPENED ITS MOUTH REALLY SLOWLY AND SHUT IT and it was the FREAKIEST thing i've ever seen. it basically looked like this:

aka scary as all f**k. but then the other shots of it flexing out its little hand and yawning and rubbing its' eyes were pretty cute. head-on in the womb? not so much.

we found out the sex. it's a boy! and WHAT a boy! lol! i mean, if i can see the equipment, it was pretty obvious. that's not to say that we know what the gender will be, but its got the male equipment.

i feel its important to talk through some of your approaches to parenting prior to being thrust into actualizing it. this is something that you do with your partner through the course of your for the past 9 years, we've talked back and forth about our philosophies on stuff like discipline, etc. this obviously has gotten ramped up with the deadline foisted on us by the imminent arrival of the fatburger.

we've been doing a lot of talking through of hypothetical scenarios. including, but not limited to, how we would deal if our kid was transgendered. in this case, we both unequivocally agree. we won't pay for the surgery. lol! i was like, "would you be freaked out if spumante felt they were born in the wrong body?" and the dotytron is like, "no, of course not" but we agreed that we shouldn't be on the hook for the surgery. it's elective. they can dress how they like, they can act how they like, but to me, paying for the sex transitioning is like paying for a boob job or a nose job. purely elective. ESPECIALLY since i don't really believe that gender has anything to do with the body.

so this is what we talk about. we don't know where we stand on the vaccinations thing, but in terms of paying for sex change surgery, we're clear.

tonight we had pasta with creme fraiche, peas, mint, and lemon and a salad of sliced cucumber, celery, red pepper and more mint in a cumin dressing:




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