Monday, June 21, 2010

my cup runneth over...

and over and over and over...sure life can be hard, and it's full of trials and tribulations and challenges, but after weekends like this, i'm reminded of how lucky i am and how grateful i am for the ability to be aware of the multitude of joys in my life. let's face it, folks, winning the vagina sweepstakes and landing in the northern (read: mostly developed) hemisphere is reason enough to rejoice in our good fortune. having a minimum of one person out there who loves you is enough and knowing that so many of us have a multiplicity of love in our lives is the sweetest, fluffiest, most decadent buttercream frosting on the cake.

this weekend was filled with moments of gratitude and laughter.

1) look at this bowl of pierogies. isn't it divine?

i've finally figured out my pierogi making technique. you start with bacon, sliced into little thin lardons. render those out until they're crisp, and then set aside on a paper-towel lined plate to drain. into the bacon drippings go a large spanish onion, thinly sliced, to sweat and caramelize and turn into silky shreds of allium goodness over a long, slow cook on medium heat, with some assistance from a big blob of chopped garlic. back in go those bacon bits, topped with your frozen pierogies and a sprinkling of salt and a good hit of freshly ground black pepper. then into the oven they go, to be annointed upon their emergence, all browned and crispy-chewy with a mountain of full-fat sour cream and a heap of thinly sliced scallions. that there is good stuff. and while it's not the most seasonal of summer dishes, it is an intensely satisfying one when you're coming home ravenous on a friday night.

2) the diemonds were super fun! they were on a mixed bill with some other grindcore and hardcore bands, so it wasn't the best crowd, though there were some hair-a** dudes giving it their all in the headbanging arena. there were multiple points of hilarity en route with the classic M-R-I team made up with dr. rei in the backseat nattering on and the three of us frequently dissolving into riotous bouts of laughter over the following:

i) dr. rei mistaking a fat, pasty, frequently topless and man-boobs sporting old weird-al yankovic guy for cousin al.
ii) dr. rei realizing her mistake upon meeting cousin al and seeing his neck tattoos.
iii) us going for ice cream at the drake's "ice cream and t-shirts" store. as dr. rei and i are ordering our scoops, we see the server's eyes get big as she gasps out, "that's not a bench!!!" as we hear a crash behind us, to find that the dotytron has tried to sit on a remarkably bench-like piece of furniture that it turns out is ACTUALLY a miniature bowling game, but that has stupidly been placed in the EXACT spot in the store where you would expect a bench-shaped piece of furniture to be.
iv) the three of us getting so taken with the idea of massimo's pizza and poutini's poutine and ice cream and wanting to grab all the food in the general vicinity and then picturing the three of us, the most unlikely and out ouf place people at an 80s hair metal show, grooving in a corner to grind core with our hands full of pizza, ice cream, pop and poutine. lol!!!
v) it taking us AN HOUR to get home, more than 45 minutes of which was spent arguing with an overweight, highly stressed out mcdonald's drive thru clerk who was losing his mind, forgot to punch in 1 of our big mac combo's and then insisted that we would have to DRIVE AROUND TO THE END OF THE 15 MINUTE LINE OF CARS WE JUST SAT THROUGH TO GET TO THE PICK-UP WINDOW AND REPLACE OUR ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was unbelievable.

3) this is c.c. diemond. who is AMAZING. i mean, i love my l.a. glam metal as much as the next person, but i've never beeon one to find the rangy, skinny, acid-wash jeans-bedecked dudes attractive. but there's something about the boozy decadence of c.c. diemond that is VERY appealing. he EMBODIES this scene. the tightest jeans you've ever seen, a tiny shrunken leather vest, ankle boots, giant hair, pure swagger. boss.

4) saturday we loafed around and dr. rei watched me bake and we went grocery shopping and i told sordid tales from my promiscious past which titillated and shocked dr. rei and then we watched the cameroon denmark world cup game and hated the danes and their winning ways.

5) this is us at ribfest. ribfest was decent. the food was aight. not as good as dinosaur but i've come to expect that at ribfest. we shared a full rack of ribs with beans and coleslaw and a pulled pork sandwich and corn that was FOUR DOLLARS AN EAR and sat on a tablecloth i had brought and listened to crappy blues. i'm never going to quibble with this ribfest's food because the proceeds go to a camp for kids who are burn victims, which totally made the dotytron tear up when he found out about it, which in turn makes me grateful i found such a sensitive, good hearted bloke.



bwong was supposed to meet us but was like a billion hours late because he was secret-shredding a billion pages of paper on his way down with his cousin of privilege. they finally met up with us while me, dr. rei and the dotytron were playing a game of 2-on-1 basketball and then 21 with this random dude lee at the basketball courts at jimmy simpson park. basketball is fun! it's a good workout...but only if dr. rei is with me going 2-on-1 against the dotytron. otherwise, it's pretty unfair if it's just me and him playing.

we came home with bwong and the cousin of privilege in tow and ate peanut butter pie, but not before bwong was again mysteriously waylaid on the way to our house - for THIRTY MINUTES?!??

6) sunday morning we woke up and then biked out to mitzi's on sorauren for a father's day brunch with poppa d and the d family. the brunch was really good, although i think it was a titch overpriced for the serving sizes. everything was also priced the same, which made no sense to me - there's no way that french toast costs the same amount as scrambled eggs. i had poached eggs on a sausage hash with a tomato-y sauce and homefries - i shared with the dotytron who had scrambled eggs with basil and parm with an olive biscuit and homefries. they were good...i wish i had photos to show you. i don't know that we'd come all the way back though. after biking home we google mapped the distance and we had biked over 25km!!! it was crazy!

7) then we had my family over for a father's day dinner with big d. i made us a pile of big d's favorite things: clam linguine, steamed lobsters, and his favorite dessert, chocolate swiss roll cake with whipped cream:




do you see what i have to be so grateful for? how much better can a summer weekend get? how lucky am i to have spend my weekends surrounded by friends and family and laughter and being outdoor and active in the sun?

tonight we're having tuna mac salad for dinner with a bean and grape tomato salad in a mustard dill vinaigrette. tuna mac salad was something that my sister and outlaw bro introduced me to that i'm OBSESSED with. at it's most basic, it's essentially cold pasta (shells or elbows), chopped celery, canned tuna, and mayonnaise. but the end results belies the simplicity of the ingredients. i'm going to make it the classic way this once and resist the urge to muck around by adding red onions or garlic or parsley or herbs. it was so good when it was kept simple that i want to replicate what got me hooked in the first place.

we also have a standing date with the kids across the street to play frisbee. K seems to think our date is for "after school" so i had to gently tell him that i get home after he does and that i also have to eat dinner first. there's also a potential visit from the roomie in the works for this evening.

my cup continueth to be filled and runneth over.


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