Sunday, June 13, 2010

maxing and relaxing

after the labours and non-stop work of last weekend, this weekend found us with a surprisingly light plate of house chores and "things to do." it's been lovely.

the challenges of dressing continue - although i'm still getting by with non-mat clothes. friday i buttoned myself into a shirt that has started to gape between the buttons over my widening belly and i turned to the dotytron and said, "is this appropriate for work?" to which in answer i received an appreciative nod and the approving words, "your boobs are getting bigger!" which did and didn't answer my question.

we had a professional development afternoon on friday, complete with a motivational speaker who somehow makes a living traveling the globe delivering platitudes like, "have you ever met someone who's negativity just sucks all the energy out of the room?" "did you know it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile? just think about that." and so on and so forth. i feel like i'm too much an cynical misanthrope for that to work, but i guess it must work for SOMEONE because this lady gets gigs all over.

the best part of the professional development afternoon was that we got to leave early on a friday, not before we heard a presentation from our work security detail scaring the bejeezus out of me regarding the upcoming g20 protests. i'm not really sure how it's going to affect my work or how i'm going to get IN to work. i guess i didn't think it was going to effect me much, but who knows what those loony first year university students and "anarchists" are capable of. don't get me wrong: i'm all for protesting. i'm not as much for looting and rioting and firebombing, especially from the privileged, not-so-disenfranchised elite. there are better ways of getting your point across that aren't so self-serving and self-aggrandizing. think to yourself when you're putting together your molotov cocktail: when i lob this through the window of a bank, am i really serving the southern hemisphere, or am i just stoking the amorphous fires of youth and shoring up stories with which to regale other, stupider people?

for dinner i made us steak sandwiches with the other half of the flank steak that i froze from dinner the previous week. i grilled it up and sliced it thin and piled it on a bun with arugala, tomato, chimichurri and triple cream cheese. we also had strawberry shortcakes because ontario strawberries are in season and i'm making sure to consume at least a dry quart of them a day, if i can help it.


we also rented a movie from the film buff called "tokyo decadence" which can only be described as a very racy, sexier, take on a david lynch film. it was very weird. we went in there looking for "more than a game," that documentary about the final season of the team that lebron james was on in high school, then we briefly considered a re-watching of "the fantastic mr fox" and from there, ended up lured by the salacious, titillating text on the back of the "tokyo decadence" dvd case. basically it follows around a high class prostitute as she goes on calls with some of tokyo's depraved businessmen in hotels. it's lynchian in the sense that there's a very odd tension throughout the movie and the director is clearly fixated with the idea of the filth and decrepitude underpinning modern tokyo society, all seemingly repressed and proper (similar to david lynch's fixation with the dark underbelly of america.) there's a very odd sequence at the end featuring disjointed weird people coming together to dance in a moonlit park - i didn't really know what to make of it. it featured a LOT of s&m sequences though. very strange, though not not entertaining.

saturday was delightful. a lazy breakfast consisting of toasted challah sandwiching some provolone, a fried egg, arugala, sliced tomato, and chimichurri:

followed by a long walk and an even longer nap. i passed out on the couch for a solid 2 hours - the kind of hazy, deep, druggy sleep that you wake from intermittently, aware that you really SHOULD wake up but unable to will yourself from the weighty torpor to summon consciousness. i slept and slept for over 2 hours and woke up feeling stupid and groggy and mildly depressed. i always find that napping too long can do that to you. i don't know why.

dinner was a salmon burger with more arugala and tomato and chili mayo on a bun, along with some crispy bacon. i pan-fried the patties to make it easier on myself.

so we were invited to our friend L's kegger - we kept agonizing all day over whether or not we wanted to go. it was so gloomy and drizzly and cold out that the weather was really steering us towards another night holed up in lil' ugmo. but wonder of wonders, we summoned the energy to emerge from our lair and put on our best, "so, what's your story?" faces and braved the kegger to small talk with new people. it was fun. we knew a good number of people there and we also ran into our friends S & P, who we're having dinner with tonight at B & G's house (they know the other roommate in L's house) and it was fun. i only got stuck in one boring conversation with this guy mark from vancouver who is an animator and is intensely, intensely boring. that's the worst. getting trapped at house parties in boring conversations. when you can HEAR another conversation that sounds so much more interesting and your mind is going a million miles a minute with all the funny, well-received interjections into the OTHER conversation you could be making, and instead, you have to say stuff like, "so, have you lived in vancouver all your life?" and then wait for a response you don't really give 2 s**ts about. my other problem is that i'm a stationary partier. like, i like to stay in one spot. so i'm a more likely candidate for getting trapped. the other problem is that I'M STONE SOBER. all things considered, we had a really fun time and i was proud we made it out.

this morning we took my mum for her delayed mother's day present - which was brunch at the black hoof. we shared everything: bone marrow beignets, the bone marrow proper (good god i love bone marrow), foie gras brioche french toast with strawberries and macadamia nuts, suckling pig eggs benny, and the tongue grilled cheese:





now we're off to do some more lazy day errands. hopefully i can squeeze in another nap in there, and then we're having dinner as mentioned at B & G's house (they had the foresight to buy on the east end of toronto, thank goodness) with S & P.

tomorrow is our obstetrical ultrasound. if spumante cooperates we'll be finding out the sex and if everything is growing as it should be. wish us an anatomically correct fatburger!


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