Tuesday, June 22, 2010

junior republicans

my niece is proving to be a testament to small-town conservative values. when she heard the story of "the little red hen" she agreed with the moral that those animals who didn't contribute to the baking of the bread shouldn't get to eat it. this past weekend, at a work picnic, there were games for all the little tots and all the kids got to pick a small prize afterwards. apparently she kept bugging my sis about why it is that EVERYONE should get a prize when they didn't complete the task at hand. as my sister said, she should sign her up for the tea party right now.

as an addendum to that story though, you should know that my niece is one of the BIGGEST sore losers of all time. like, non-stop moochie face and whining. which actually makes her a perfect candidate for the tea party. lol!

don't you love the cover of that little golden book up there? i have very fond memories of some of my first reading experiences being from the "little golden book" series. i love them. i want a vintage set for the little fatburger. i prefer the ones that aren't branded and re-telling of disney movie plots, preferably.

in spumante bambino news, saw the midwife today and peed on the stick. and my glucose was OFF THE CHARTS!!! basically the highest it could be according to the colour change on the stick. ruh-roh. so she's fast-tracking me to do the gestational diabetes test, given my genetic background (asians are prone to the GD) and my family history (my mum had the GD with c-hova). yikes. i'm a little baffled, to be honest. i mean, granted we do eat white pasta but in sensible portions, and the odd dalliance with challah aside, i mostly do whole grains. i drink nothing but water except for a 1/2 c. of juice in the mornings...so the only thing i can think of is that all the snacking on fruit i'm doing? how can fruit be bad for you?!??

my midwife did say that the pee test isn't the most precise and that i just have to change my conceptualization of what i think of as a "treat" - ie. not just your standard-issue desserts, but stuff like pastas and white breads. and when i do eat these things, to combine them with protein and fat to slow the intake into my blood. so it looks like the lagerfeld and dotytron will be protein-loading for the next little while. i was actually looking over this week's menu and it's pretty good for not that many carbs. we have a grilled squid a la plancha panzanella salad (my panzanellas tend to be heavy on the veggies and low on the bread cubes) and the antipasto salad, and a slow grilled kolbassa with sauerkraut and onions on a bun, but i'll eat half the bun. the dotytron is super-cute and has pledged solidarity and is also willing to forgo the bun. he's actually trying to get in shape lately so that means he's been skipping the after-work beers in favour of after work cocktails. i'm not sure if that's better for him or not, but he certainly seems to think so.

i think breakfast is my big achilles' heel (well, that and plain old dessert). i like mini wheats! and i like french toast! but i guess it'll be more eggs and bacon from now on and i'll skip the juice. my midwife also told me that milk is pretty sugary but i should be getting more calcium so that i should go for the highest fat milk i can stomach (so...whipping cream?) yay an excuse to drink homogenized milk! i think i'll sub out the morning o.j. for milk and snack on more nuts and yoghurt than fruit. realistically, i know i eat really healthy and moderately and way better than 90% of north americans so my feathers got a little ruffled and i was taking it a bit personally to be honest. the dotytron thinks that this will just be a new challenge for me to undertake during my menu planning and it does seem like fun. i will say that it's REALLY, REALLY HARD to get your recommended daily intake of everything. between the fiber, calcium, vitamins and whatnot...it's a minefield of eating out there - and look at the sheer VARIETY of food that **i** eat. if i'm stressed out and i barely repeat a meal in a year, what are other people supposed to do?!?

my colleague G seems to think that i should just go bucksauce until i actually do the diagnostic test. lol! but i really don't want the fatburger to start packing on the L-Bs and turn into a sugar bambino. the sugar in your blood is also mitigated by exercise immediately thereafter. so i'm baffled again. how does a 27km bike ride not count?

last night after dinner we met up with the roomie and then walked 25 minutes to a basketball court (good!), saw that it was full and went for ice cream (bad!) and then played 21 for a good 35-40 minutes (good!) and then walked home (good!)

ah well, you can't win 'em all. the roomie, as it turns out, is really good at getting baskets. it's hilarious. she'll flinch and put up her arms reflexively in a defensive position if you pass her the ball, but she NAILS basket after basket. in crocs.

last night we had tuna mac salad (bad! but so, so soooo good!) and that blanched yellow bean and grape tomato salad in the mustard dill vinaigrette (good!) it's rainy and pooey tonight so i think i'm going to succumb to a night of excess and treat myself to fried chicken from chick'n'joy for dinner. carb-cutting will begin in earnest starting tomorrow.

until then, there's fried chicken, fries, and gravy. nom nom nom.


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