Thursday, June 24, 2010

in utero

le sigh. yesterday was a tumultuous day. the postings for the toronto board for those on the eligible-to-hire list came out (those are jobs for people who don't have existing contracts or are already hired covering mat leaves and such) and of the 50 or so jobs the dotytron applied to the 4 or 5 music ones he was eligible for. about five minutes after submitting he got a call from one of the schools asking him to come in for an interview in an HOUR AND A HALF! so we were all like, "woohoo!" because seriously, how could you NOT meet the dotytron and realize he's the best freakin' teacher ever? how?!??!! he's actually ENGAGED WITH HIS PROFESSION AS A PROFESSION and NOT in it for the stupid pension and union and because he doesn't have any other options. like, he is actually an AMAZING, patient, creative, gifted teacher and parents and kids instantly fall in love with him.

so he went to the interview and he said he did okay, but that the principal and the vice principal seemed a little detached and flat and non-expressive and disengaged. then he came home and found out that he didn't get it. which all leads me to believe that they already had a candidate they wanted (the toronto board is ALL about who you know) and just interviewed him to make sure they were fulfilling the minimum hiring requirements. i'm not kidding you and i'm seriously NOT being biased when i say that the dotytron is a top-notch teacher.

the annoying thing is that the arcane hiring practices of the toronto board require eligible teachers to do silly things like get all their additional qualifications to teach special ed, or teach french just to get INTO the system, and to me, that's really stupid. because then you have people with NO INVESTMENT in that particular sub-discipline teaching it just to get in so that they can suckle at the union teat and have their pension as the goal. so dumb. i hate it.

ultimately, the point is that he's lucky that he's teaching and he's at a private school that loves him and values him and challenges him.

the dotytron has implemented in utero listening sessions for the fatburger. there have been numerous studies that show that sounds and music that bambinos are exposed to in utero make them more amenable to them once they're out of the womb. like babies born of classical musicians have a predisposition to like classical music, etc. so the dotytron has the fatburger on this graduated listening curriculum. we were supposed to start last night but he couldn't get his ipod loaded so it began this morning with a barely awake me holding his sennheiser headphones flattened to my belly while he cranked the first two songs on the playlist.

one of them was a guqin number. what, you mean you've never heard of the guqin? that's because the dotytron is one of, like, a thousand people IN THE WORLD who know this instrument and are keeping it alive. it's an ancient chinese instrument that apparently was almost wiped out during the cultural there's only a handful of people that play it and of this select few the dotytron aspires to be one. it's a stringed instrument, like a zither. the wikipedia article above has some links.

the second piece on spumante's listening odyssey was the beginning part of john coltrane's "a love supreme." all i could picture in my head during this 1/2 hour exercise was the fatburger flailing around in there, all startled, being all, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING HERE?!??! COULD YOU TURN IT DOWN, PLEASE??!!!!" which is pretty funny if you think about the little blobkin getting jolted from a peaceful slumber to ancient chinese music and the coltrane. i think the next stage is to introduce some sense of rhythmic complexity into the fatburger's life.

so i'm supposed to be able to feel the fatburger moving around now, getting stronger in the coming weeks. sometimes i feel a little flutter down there, but i'm not sure if that's it. there was an earthquake in toronto yesterday, of which i was completely oblivious, which begs the question that if i don't notice a 5.5 on the richter scale earthquake, how the crap am i going to notice something the size of a banana?

last night for dinner we had a tomato, cucumber, roasted pepper and olive panzanella with rosemary focaccia croutons and fresh basil. i topped it with squid grilled a la plancha, which basically means in the spanish style on a very hot flat-top (or in my case, my cast-iron pan). it was a good (low carb!) dinner.

tomorrow is a day off! my work is closed because of the g20. i'm meeting my old supervisor T to explore bloor west village (which i've never done before, can you imagine?) and go to this cheese store she loves which sells burrata. mmmmmmmmm burrata.


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